The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

An image of the first card of the major arcana sequence in the Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck: The Magician Tarot card. The Magician stands with one arm, hand pointed in the air and the other points to the ground below him. There is a table in front of him with four symbols: a cup, a wand, a pentacle, and a sword - the tarot suits.

The Magician stands front and center, ready to take inspired action on the earthly realms. One hand points a wand to the sky, and the other points to his side, as he sets his intentions for what he would like to appear in front of him.

He is the bridge between the spiritual and earthly realms, capable of bringing anything he wishes into the physical world. In front of the Magician are a wand, a cup, a sword, and a pentacle. We see that the Magician is self-assured that his focused attention will create life-changing results shortly.

One must be careful about the universal energy surrounding the Magician, as the intentions of our desires will determine the results of our manifestations. The infinity sign above his head shows that this master of the elements of the Earth has the potential to bring all infinite possibilities to life.

When we're looking to fulfill our dreams, the Magician is a welcomed sign showing us that all we must do is take the first step out into the world. However, as above so below, if our intentions are false, the Magician often brings along cruel fits of egotism, where all that is given will be for the Magician's own benefit, using your own power against you.

The Magician Upright Tarot Card Meanings

The Magician Tarot Card in General Readings

When the upright Magician appears in a tarot reading, it signifies that you can make your dreams come true. The Magician is about achieving success through action and making things happen. As seen in his image, there are two significant symbols on this card:

In his left hand, he holds a wand representing power; this shows our desires and imagination. On the table in front of him is an open book signifying knowledge; this represents what we have learned throughout life and how we can apply it as tools to achieve our goals.

To understand more about your connection with this card, look at what each of these symbols means to you:

  • The Wand – What do you desire? How would having these wishes fulfilled change your life for good?
  • The Open Book – What knowledge do you already have about manifesting your dreams or improving upon current circumstances? Can any of this be applied when working towards achieving goals moving forward?

When the Magician is upright in a reading that is positively aspected, it suggests that we are doing everything we need to to bring our dreams into reality.

Free Printable Images of the upright Magician tarot meaning - the first official card of the Major Arcana. The keywords are Infinity Symbol, Magician

However, when the Magician tarot card appears upright but in a generally negative reading, he warns us to be careful about what we are asking for. We may be asking for desires that are opposite to what our higher self is asking for, and we are being shown a warning that the results may be disastrous. Other times, it warns that someone of power around us is trying to use our energy for their ill intentions.

Whenever this Major Arcana card appears in a reading, we must fully realize our abilities as our master manifestor in this world. The Magician calls us to have a clear vision of our intentions and desired outcomes so that our actions will create positive changes in our lives rather than serving others for their gain.

The Magician in a Relationship & Love Tarot Reading

The Magician tarot card in a love reading suggests new beginnings and new relationships. If you're single, the Magician suggests you will meet someone who will completely change your perspective on love — perhaps even transform it into something better than what you thought possible! You'll notice that this new lover is intelligent, charming, and has excellent potential for success.

In relationship readings, the Magician tarot card represents growing more confident in yourself and your abilities. Because of this, the Magician may hint that you should reevaluate your relationship as your partner may not necessarily be "the one" but the one who will teach you lessons that are essential for your spiritual growth. The only way your relationship will work out is if you willingly put in the effort to succeed. This card often signifies someone who has been using you for your energy and may need to give it back equally.

The Upright Magician in a Finance & Career Reading

The Magician tarot card represents the power to create and, as such, is a card of action meeting transformation and the desire to achieve mastery over life. You can manifest your wishes if you are willing to put in the necessary effort. It suggests that you can create something new or take control of your life.

The upright Magician tarot card meaning suggests that you are ready for a new stage in your life, one where you take on new responsibilities and push yourself out of your comfort zone. A new job or starting a business venture may be on the table. If this card appears in a reading about work-related matters, it could mean that you need to make some changes at work that will lead to positive results.

Suppose you have been working hard towards achieving something for a long time. In that case, this card signifies success finally being reached after much effort — perhaps you're an artist or entrepreneur who has finally been able to quit their day job and pursue their passion full-time! By all accounts, this card signifies having all the tools needed for success in any endeavor—and, more importantly—having the ability to recognize when those tools are present so you can effectively achieve your desires.

The Magician Tarot Card in Health & Wellness Readings

The Magician is a sign that you are confident and self-assured. You can see yourself as being capable of achieving great things. You have confidence in yourself and believe your dreams will come true if you set your mind on them. The Magician in health tarot readings can also indicate strong leadership skills and foresight into what might happen in the near future if you make confident decisions now.

The Magician Reversed Tarot Cards Meaning

The Magician Reversed Meaning in General Tarot Readings

The reversed Magician may be interpreted as not being in control of your own life. It would be best if you put more effort into getting what you want. If a situation is not working out for you, consider taking further action to change your life.

If the reversed Magician appears in your reading, it may be time to focus on your own needs rather than always trying to please others. You may not be listening to your inner voice and have doubts about what you're doing now - step back and reevaluate your situation.

Another reversed general meaning accounts for someone who believes they have the necessary skills to control you. When negatively aspected in a negative reading, and this card isn't signifying you, be wary of energy vampires in your environment who believe they are much more intelligent than they are. It's a great time to plan a way to pull an Uno-Reverso and get out of there. There is no point in reasoning with someone who embodies reversed Magician energy — they only care for themselves and will stop at nothing to steal your magic.

Free Printable Images of the reversed Magician tarot meaning - the first official card of the Major Arcana, inspired action reversed. The keywords are Manifestation Manipulation, Cruel, Neglect, Unfair Treatment, Power Being Used Against You, and Deceit.

The Magician Reversed Relationship & Love Meaning

When the Magician is in the reversed position, you may be stuck or afraid to take the next step in life or love. You might fear your dreams will never come true if you don't act. You may fear failure or be unable to risk it because it would affect your self-esteem. This card can also represent someone who is too focused on their own needs and not enough on others—someone who may want things immediately without putting in much effort towards getting them.

If this card appears in your reading as reversed, it could mean that you are not taking action towards your dreams; instead, they are still just thoughts or wishes that remain unfulfilled because they have not been acted upon yet (as in: "I wish I had more time!"). This card can also indicate that while one part of yourself wants something badly enough—say, success—another part doesn't believe it's possible (such as "maybe it'd be better if I just gave up").

Overall, in a love reading, the Magician shows an imbalance in connecting with a partner or potential love interest. There still appears to work in your everyday life that needs to be done before you can enjoy a karmic-free relationship. At this time, power imbalances and arguments may be commonplace moving forward until things settle down. It's a great time to reevaluate what you want out of your life and love life!

Meaning of the Magician Reversed in Finance & Career Readings

When the Magician card is reversed, it can indicate that you are acting selfishly and not thinking of the consequences of your actions. You may be using Magic for selfish gain, or you may be using your powers to manipulate others. It can also indicate that you neglect yourself by holding yourself back from achieving success or happiness.

It is important to remember that when a tarot card is reversed in a reading, it does not mean things will always work out negatively; it simply means there is an obstacle in front of success or happiness at this time. The ideal situation would be for your efforts to work out positively so that things turn around quickly!

The Magician Reversed Tarot Card in Health & Wellness Readings

The Magician reversed can signify stagnation or lack of progress at work or home. Something needs to be fixed; perhaps some issues prevent things from moving forward on schedule or as planned.

The Magician Tarot Card Visual Elements & Symbolism

The Magician Planet - Mercury

The Magician Zodiac Sign - Gemini & Virgo; Although this card isn't traditionally associated with a zodiac sign, Mercury rules these signs therefore the association to the Magician can be made.

The Magician Element - Air & Earth; Although this card isn't traditionally associated with an element, the element for Gemini is Air and Earth for Virgo; therefore, the association to this card can be made.

The Magician Modality - Mutable (End of Season; Gemini & Virgo)

The Magician Associated Crystals - Garnet, Tiger's Eye, Citrine, Red Agate, Clear Quartz, Fire Opal

*Prices shown are in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

Four Symbols: On the table in front of him, all the suits, each representing one of the four elements: a wand (Fire), a cup (Water), a sword (Air), and a pentacle (Earth). Regarding spiritual practices, the Magician represents connecting to consciousness and embracing your power. Although advice from others is sometimes needed, our inner guidance system knows what is in our best interest. We need to be still enough to listen. We always have all of the tools necessary to manifest our intentions.

Infinity Symbol: This symbol represents access to unlimited potential.

A line art drawing of the astrology symbol for Mercury

Snake Belt: Around the Magician's waist is a snake biting its own tail – symbolizing the unlimited potential of the fifth element of Aether. Aether is the material that fills up the Universe beyond the Earth.

Flowers: The foliage and flowers symbolize the blossoming and fruition of ideas and aspirations.

One Arm: The Magician stands with one arm stretched upwards toward the infinite Universe and the other pointing down to the Earth, representing "as above, so below." His positioning signifies his connection between the spiritual and material realms that the Magician uses to manifest and bring to life his goals in the physical realm.

Questions About The Magician Card

The Magician Card as a Person or Personality

This card can represent someone intelligent and resourceful who can solve problems and find solutions. This card can indicate that nothing is stopping you from achieving great things in life! You can be or have anything you want if you set your heart on it.

You have an innate ability to use your mind and body in unison. You are confident in your abilities as an individual to get things done. You have a high sense of self-worth and an appreciation for yourself and others around you. You know how to get things done quickly without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Is it Positive, Negative, or Neutral When the Magician Tarot Card Appears?

The Magician is a primarily positive card! If you want to create something beautiful in your life and have well-meaning intentions, this card is a welcome sign! On the other hand, if we are tempted to make something with our lives at the expense of others, the Magician tarot card reveals that we will be the ones who are going to be manipulative.

The Magician Tarot Card Appears as a Yes or No

The Magician typically means a yes regarding tarot readings if the reading is positively aspected. If you've worked hard on your goals and have the proper intentions, things will come to fruition faster than you know! However, suppose it is upright in a reading that is negative overall. In that case, this card warns us to be careful that we are not exploiting others for their kindness or that there may be someone out there trying with the intention to manipulate us. If an opportunity of a lifetime comes up and it seems a little fishy, pass on it!

The Magician Tarot Card Appears as an Outcome

As an outcome, the Magician is a positive sign that you're doing all you can to bring your desires into reality! Be sure to keep checking in with yourself and try to lay low about what you've been working on. You want to avoid attracting the jealousy of others that may begin to serve as an energetic block. Move forward with your heart on your sleeve and your eye on the prize, and success is sure to be yours in no time!

Wishing you love & light,


Free Printable Cheat Sheet: The Magician Tarot Card Description of the Major Arcana (Rider Waite Tarot Deck)

Free Printable the Magician Tarot Card Cheatsheet with the picture of the upright and reversed Magician tarot cards and the upright and reversed associated keywords.

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