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Regarding the metaphysical arts, healing crystals are a powerful tool in your reading space to kick your tarot reading practice up a notch! How can we narrow it down to our top crystal picks with thousands of potential stones or crystals? They're genuinely all so great! This list is a great starting point if you're looking to step up your game as a tarot reader or healer—or want some new tools to help improve your card readings—here are our top 15 crystals for enhancing your tarot and oracle card readings:


15) Blue Calcite

14) Green Aventurine

13) Lapis Lazuli

12) Citrine

11) Azurite

10) Tiger's Eye

9) Fluorite

8) Moonstone

7) Rose Quartz

6) Obsidian

5) Amethyst

4) Smoky Quartz

3) Black Tourmaline

2) Selenite

1) Clear Quartz

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a raw blue calcite stone sitting on a brick ledge outdoors

15) Blue Calcite in Tarot Readings

This gorgeous blue stone, Blue Calcite, is also known as the "Stone of Heaven," which is fitting as this stone is said to help you connect with your higher self and find guidance from the etheric realm.

Blue Calcite is an excellent stone for psychic development, intuition, and communication. Suppose you need to access your inner wisdom during readings to answer more profound questions. In that case, this stone is here to help you clear any obstacles blocking your third eye chakra, which helps us connect to our spirit guides, who help us navigate the 3D world a little bit easier! Because of this, Blue Calcite is the perfect stone to keep in your tarot reading space to help promote your psychic abilities and development! Suppose you need help connecting with your intuition or hearing messages from your guides. In that case, Blue Calcite will help clear away any obstacles so that you can be guided by your intuition without being blocked by doubts or fears.

A pile of raw blue calcite crystals

When using this stone with a client, it equally makes sense as it is one of the best crystals for tarot readings, particularly in relationship readings, as it is known for helping users focus on the healing aspects of past events so that they do not keep repeating them in the future. It is also said to help you speak your truth, making it an ideal stone to enable someone to let go of grudges and resentments, allowing them to disappear forever so that a sense of peace can be achieved within yourself and others around you!


a tumbled green aventurine closeup

14) Green Aventurine and Tarot Cards

Green Aventurine is a stone of good luck and prosperity; it helps to attract abundance, both financial and non-financial. Its positive energy that will help you manifest your goals and desires in the material world by connecting you to higher vibrations of love, joy, peace, and abundance. The green color of this stone resonates with the heart chakra, which means that it can also be used for healing.

Green Aventurine works well with all chakras, but it's beneficial if you want crystals to help activate your heart chakra or heal related issues, such as heartbreak. For example: in times when you may be going through a breakup and are feeling sad because of it, Green Aventurine can be used to give you support when used in combination with a tarot deck and oracle cards to understand where there are energetic blocks in your life preventing you from moving forward. Not only this, Green Aventurine is terrific for helping you cleanse yourself and tarot decks or oracle decks from past love energy, helping you get over potential emotional wounds much quicker than usual!


a raw lapis lazuli stone piece

13) Lapis Lazuli for Tarot Reading

Lapis lazuli is an ancient ornamental and religious stone common in crystal collector's displays. Traditionally, Lapis Lazuli was reserved for royalty and art because of its ultramarine blue pigments. Because of this association, Lapis Lazuli is one of the best crystals for tarot cards and readings surrounding careers and following your life's purpose. It is said to help assist or empower you to embrace your true identity. It highlights areas where we may need the courage to follow our calling in life head-on!


a closeup image of an orange citrine crystal cluster

12) Citrine for Tarot Reading

Citrines are yellow, often orange crystalline crystals in the quartz family. Citrine is the perfect stone to pick up when looking to do a career tarot or oracle reading, as it's been highly associated with self-esteem and self-image.

Citrine improves self-esteem and confidence by helping you see yourself as the shining light you are! Citrine is the perfect crystal to use in combination with other crystals that will enhance their healing properties, such as crystals such as Selenite (to remove blockages), Amethyst (to protect against negative entities), or Rose Quartz (to attract more love into your life). Due to its positive energies, this crystal is perfect for helping you embrace your courage and self-confidence as a tarot card reader.

Citrine is considered a stone of abundance, prosperity, and success for those looking to manifest their desires. Let this beautiful stone guide and support you during your card readings to reveal where you can remove negative energies in your energy field holding you back from achieving your goals. Citrine will help you manifest your desires by stimulating creativity and motivation in your work!


an ultramarine blue raw piece of azurite stone

11) Azurite and Tarot Cards

This gorgeous blue stone needs more credit! Tarot readers often seek out Azurite stone for its ability to assist in re-orienting the brain from repeated negative emotions. This makes Azurite crystals an ideal stone in tarot readings where you're inquiring about limitations in thinking patterns and is often used in relationship readings because of this.


a closeup of tigers stone thats tumbled

10) Tiger's Eye in Tarot Readings

Tigers Eye is often used in crystal healing to help people connect to deeper feelings of self-worth and strength. It is the perfect stone to incorporate into tarot readings associated with big decisions and significant movements in the future.

Like its associated animal, the tiger, this stone's deep yellow, brown, and orange hues remind you to hold yourself in high regard through your upbeat and empowering energy. You're a leader, and using this stone with your card readings will enhance your ability to connect and communicate with your higher self, who is here to reassure you that all will turn out just fine.


a pile of green and purple fluorite crystals in a pile

9) Fluorite as One of the Best Crystals for Tarot Readings

Fluorites are perhaps the most undervalued crystals in the divination world! Fluorite is linked to promoting clarity and intuition regarding our connection to the higher planes of consciousness by helping us focus, think, and understand new information clearly.

Regarding tarot readings or oracle readings, Fluorite is a highly recommended stone for your spiritual practice for its protective and energetic cleansing abilities. It acts as a safeguard from negative energy! Some tarot readings will be heavier than others. As tarot readers, we are sure to quickly discover how essential it is to protect ourselves from accidental psychic attacks in case negative energy is projected toward us during a reading. Using Fluorite in tarot practice is a great way to promote the support of love and light in your reading space.


a tumbled moonstone palm stone with blue schiller

8) Moonstone for Tarot & Oracle Readings

Moonstones are light, beautiful pearly stones with a schiller effect that causes the stone to look as if it's glowing, much like moonlight. Because of this, Moonstones, which are often associated with lunar cycles, are the perfect stone for tarot readers who practice tarot spreads connected to the moon phases.

Moonstone has been long used by crystal healers and tarot readers for its metaphysical properties associated with bringing clarity to your subconscious thought processes. This makes it one of the perfect stones for getting to the bottom of your true feelings regarding a situation in a reading.


a closeup picture of a pile of rose quartz crystals

7) Rose Quartz and Tarot Cards

Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals for tarot cards and oracle readings! Rose Quartz has been used to help people balance negative emotions for many years due to its light and positive energy.

Rose Quartz crystal surrounds your tarot deck or reading room with warm and nourishing vibes when used in your reading space. It has been rumored to mainly give off intensive energy support during love readings, bringing positive energy self-love into a relationship. This stone is also perfect to use in readings for navigating significant life changes.


an unpolished and rough black obsidian stone

6) Obsidian in Tarot Reading

Obsidian is one of the most well-known divination crystals known on this list! While traditionally used in scrying for its mirror-like effect, these gorgeous black stones have been said to be the perfect grounding stone to bring clarity where negative energies may be presenting themselves in tarot readings. This powerful crystal is also known for aiding in connection and communication to other planes, which also makes it great for channellers, mediums, and intuitive readers and is said to help amplify Claire abilities.


a purple amethyst cluster in high resolution

5) Amethyst as One of the Best Crystals for Tarot Reading

Amethyst is a purple quartz variety whose benefits can be seen through various spiritual practices. Amethyst is known for its anxiety and stress-reducing properties, making it the perfect crystal for high-intensity readings, mainly if negative energies need to be cleared. Amethyst is often the number one choice for readings requiring deep insight into often deep-rooted and complex issues.


a closeup of a double terminated smoky quartz crystal

4) Smoky Quartz for Tarot Reading

Smoky Quartz are beautiful crystals that can help you to connect with your higher self. They can aid any healing or purification work you do on yourself and others, as it is known for being a powerful energy cleanser.

Smoky Quartz is often used to create a shield against negativity to help you to stay grounded when working with the cards or in readings. It's also particularly good at balancing your chakras, especially the root chakra and third eye, which will help amplify and enhance the clarity and purity of your cards and your readings.


a closeup of a rough black chunk of tourmaline

3) Black Tourmaline for Tarot & Oracle Readings

Black Tourmaline is an excellent grounding stone for your tarot deck or reading space, particularly for empaths or readings surrounding highly emotional energy. Black Tourmaline is used to absorb and cleanse any emitted negative energy. It works very well when you need a boost to clear away obstacles to see what's ahead in store for you when you're reading for yourself or others. It can also remove negative energy from your space, including homes, offices, or even the atmosphere of a gathering place.


a white selenite stick on a table

2) Selenite and Tarot Readings

Selenite is a crystalline gypsum form, and it can be found in various colors. Selenite is a stone that can help you connect with your spirit guides, higher self, and the divine. It helps to clear the chakras and negative energy from your aura. This crystal is also said to be good for clearing your mind and thoughts to focus on what is essential in life.

Like Amethyst, Selenite is known for its energy-clearing abilities to create calm situations, thereby balancing emotions. This makes Selenite another favorite for tarot readings and for cleansing tarot decks! Regarding tarot spreads, Selenite is perfect for readings following the moon calendar because of its relationship to the lunar cycles and intuition.


a close up of a high quality clear quartz piece with rainbow flash

1) Clear Quartz in Tarot Readings

Clear Quartz crystal is also known as the "Stone of Power" because of its ability to connect us with our higher self. It helps us tap into our intuition and strengthens our connection with spirit guides/angels/deities/higher powers (whatever words resonate most strongly with you), allowing us access to deeper levels within ourselves where we can receive guidance from these sources more easily than before!

Additionally, Clear Quartz has been used to aid crystal healing because it amplifies spiritual energy while absorbing negative thoughts around it so that they don't affect your health or well-being. This is why Clear Quartz is also helpful for psychic protection and cleansing! Clear Quartz can help you improve your meditation practice by allowing you to focus, be more present, and ground yourself during meditation. Last but certainly not least important: it helps us open chakras to better receive messages from above without getting overwhelmed.


a large variety of use crystals in a picture including: purple amethyst, black tourmaline, green aventurine, moonstone, ocean jasper, labradorite, rose quartz, azurite, lapis lazuli, citrine, selenite, red jasper, and Dalmatian jasper


Tarot cards are a great way to amplify your intention/ability to connect with your higher self and your spirit guides. And using crystals during tarot card readings can strengthen communication and help clarify the messages you receive. 

We hope you enjoyed reading about the best crystals for tarot card readings. And that this information can add to your overall knowledge of tarot cards, crystals and crystal magic. Our rule of thumb is constantly to learn and be open to information, but trust your intuition to choose the right crystals to work with. And enjoy yourself along the way! :)

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