The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

An image of the sixteenth card of the Major Arcana sequence in the Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck: The Tower Tarot Card. The Tower shows a tall burning tower on top of a rocky mountain that got struck by lightning. Two people are falling from the windows, head first into the ground. There is a crown above the Tower in the stormy skies and twenty-two flames on the ground.



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II. The Reversed Tower

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Besides the Devil and Death cards, the Tower tarot card meanings are one of the most feared in the tarot deck, particularly when it appears in a  future position such as the outcome. Thankfully, with all the 78 tarot cards, the Tower isn't only negative aspects - it has many pleasant aspects.

The fear surrounding this card often appears as someone wondering if a tremendous loss is around the corner. Sure, one of its meanings can be tragedy striking, but it's more common to see this card when you've grown on your spiritual journey and are ready for a fresh start, and this card is here to help you through it. 



The Upright Tower Tarot Cards Meaning


Free Printable Images to help you read tarot of the upright Tower tarot meaning - the sixteenth card of the Major Arcana. The keywords are Job Loss, Re-Focus, Fresh Start, Sudden Change, Natural Disasters, Spiritual Awakening, Difficult Circumstances, sudden illness

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning in General Readings

This card comes in just as fast as a lightning bolt with little warning. Much like when a lightning bolt strikes, The Tower represents a change in the most radical and consequential sense. The moments of change brought on by this card can show up in the form of natural disasters, financial loss, health problems, or even unexpected divorces because someone snapped from years of pent-up frustration!

The Tower tarot card can indicate unexpected change. As much as it is unwanted, you must go through this challenging time to learn a valuable lesson that will help you move forward. If you continue to resist this change, the Tower's energy will force its way into your life even harder. The transformation and growth that the Tower card brings cannot be avoided. Trying to hide from it or denying its existence will not make the inevitable disappear; in fact, it will most likely get louder and have tremendous upheaval if you continue to ignore it.

To begin seeing improvement from the Tower upright, you must let go of things that are no longer good for you and your highest good. You're being called to lean into your spiritual awakening and walk the divine spiritual path.

This card may look visually unnerving; however, that doesn't mean there's a reason to be genuinely frightened. The Tower upright intends to help you recognize that you are now building new foundations after letting your old system crash and burn. You wouldn't have been able to live to your highest self living a life built on shaky grounds. You're being given a chance to restart your life on a foundation that's entirely yours.

Be on the lookout for signs from your guides that tell you what to do next. It could be something as simple as getting a new job or moving apartments. Still, if it's accompanied by other cards, such as the Lovers, it will likely mean something more significant, like moving on from an old relationship and starting fresh with someone new.


The Tower Tarot Card Meaning in Love & Relationships

If the Tower tarot card is pulled in a love reading, it suggests that the probability of success could be better. The Tower typically signifies the ending of a friendship, a breakup, or a divorce. When you see this card in your future, be prepared for some significant upheaval as events unfold around you.

In your love life, a relationship ending under the influence of the Tower can signify deception. The truth of what has been going on has been revealed to set you free. Angry outbursts and emotional meltdowns may occur. While you may typically like amicable endings for your relationships, this most likely won't be the case. It may not be fun, but it's a necessary transition to close out this chapter of your life. It's better to accept what is happening at face value than to continue spending time living a lie. The hardest part will be the initial shock of the change, but you'll quickly find that you're better off without them.


The Tower Tarot Card Meaning in Career & Finance

The Tower card depicts sudden change, destruction, and rebirth as a career meaning. It can mean that you're headed toward a significant breakthrough in your career or finances. However, it might not be at your current job, especially if it's stressful. Sudden career changes are standard with this card, as the Tower commonly indicates job loss or a lack of job security.

The Tower card shows up when you are forced to switch your priorities after new information has been revealed to you. Perhaps you've had to work less to care for someone sick, or gossip has come around in the friend group that has made you see your friends from a new perspective that doesn't align with you. No matter the case, The Tower asks you to spend more time on things that will benefit your financial life rather than waste time.

If you have wondered what profession to head into, the Tower can appear in tarot readings to guide you towards normally stressful jobs for others that you may excel at! This card suggests you may do well in high-paying jobs delivering tough news, such as an auditor, process server, debt collector, or lawyer.


The Tower Tarot Card Meaning in Health & Spirituality Meaning

In health & wellness readings, lightning strikes symbolize justice being served to those who have profited from exploiting or abusing you. A revolution of sorts may be happening in your environment. Oppressed people can find renewed hope for better times in stressful situations and drastic social change. Like a lightning flash, a Tower experience is here to crumble the hierarchy of the old order to give everyone a renewed shift in freedom on equal footing.

The Tower is slightly more optimistic when drawn for a spiritual or psychic development question, as this tarot card can indicate a spiritual awakening or revelation. You see cracks forming in the foundation of your old beliefs and are ready to make changes before your world comes crashing down. You're on track to create significant changes before you're forced to when change is your only option. The Tower symbolizes your chance to break free from your old beliefs. It's time to fully embrace your authentic self and see where life takes you. 



The Tower Reversed Tarot Cards Meaning


Free Printable Images to help you read tarot of the reversed Tower tarot meaning - the sixteenth card of the Major Arcana. The listed keywords are: Financial Ruin, Traumatic Event, Resisting Change, Existential Crisis, Averting Disaster, Avoiding Tragedy, Inevitable Change

The Tower Reversed Tarot Card in General Readings

When the Tower card reversed appears, you may feel some crisis looming on the horizon, and you are struggling to try and avoid its manifestation. You have yet to realize breaking down false beliefs is how you will free yourself of relying on others who selfishly care for only themselves.

The Tower reversed suggests that it may be significantly changing your belief system. This Tower moment asks you to keep going - if you were meant to match the status quo, wouldn't it have been easy? As much as you don't want to, it would be best to leave everything no longer relevant to you to embrace who you are. The realizations you are having will set you free so that you can see yourself as the catalyst for this change the whole time for a better future.


The Tower Reversed Tarot Card in Love & Relationship

While single, the Tower reversed is a good sign that you have recently dodged someone with many red flags. Good on you for trusting your gut instincts, as getting with this person, whether friendly or romantic, would have only brought bad news. Well done on averting disaster!

The Tower tarot card comes as a warning in relationship and love readings. If you want to see your relationship make it long-term, it's time to do damage control and clear lingering misunderstandings. It would be best if you took responsibility for your part of the problems - "clean your side of the street." There is something that you have done that has led to the issues you are facing now, especially if you have previously let your ego wreak havoc in your life. The Tower reversed asks you to forgive yourself and stop letting it linger in your day. It's part of the human experience, so pick yourself up, be better to yourself and others, and things will start coming together again.

In most cases, the Tower reversed suggests that your current relationship is over for all intents and purposes, but you are delaying the breakup process in fear of expected pain. It's recommended that you go at this head-on and see that it is equally or more damaging to stay in a failed relationship that will never meet your expectations. If the relationship does change, it will only be for the worst, so it's time to get out now.


The Tower Reversed Tarot Card in Finance & Career

The Tower reversed often symbolizes a stressful work environment, financial ruin, legal trouble, or bankruptcy. If this card is in the past position, you have already felt its effects; however, if it is in your present or future position, you must know that there are better times to spend big money on insignificant material items. It's recommended that you conservatively approach money until the bumps in the road have cleared themselves. Thankfully, the significant movement and shifts that the Tower brings don't last forever.

Another career meaning of the reversed Tower indicates that you may find yourself among one of the lucky few who have managed to keep your job during layoffs. It may come as a relief, but now is the time to rethink your position, as you may be put in this situation again if this work is not in line with your life's purpose.


The Tower Reversed Tarot Card in Health & Wellness

With each new experience, the tower tarot card shows you are growing even more resilient than ever. Your ability to see life from a new perspective highlights the wisdom you have collected through this life. You understand that you are the reason for the change and transformation in your life. The destruction was necessary for your spiritual growth; you now see that anxiety and pain are what you make of it. It's time for you to fully step into your life's purpose rather than fearing the Mars element of this card - abrupt and profound change.



The Tower Tarot Card Visual Elements & Symbolism


The Tower Planet - Mars

The Tower Zodiac Sign - Aries; Although this card doesn't traditionally have a zodiac sign, Aries is ruled by Mars and therefore can be associated with the Tower.

The Tower Element - Fire; Although this card doesn't traditionally have an elemental association, the element for Mars is fire and therefore can be associated with the Tower.

The Tower Associated Crystals - Obsidian, Hematite, Chrysocolla, Ruby, Garnet, Magnetite


A line art drawing of the astrology planet symbol for Mars representing the Emperor tarot cards

Burning Building: The burning building symbolizes what happens when we don't listen to our intuition and wait until our lives are forced to collapse to continue growing.

Tower: The Tower symbolizes old establishments or old ways of living crumbling.

Falling People: The people signify those who are hurt in the fallout of significant change. Some will receive harsh consequences for not listening to their higher selves about the direction they were meant to steer their lives.

The Crown: The crown near the top of the card symbolizes the material realm and people's ambition to do anything to get what they want. It signifies karmic payback and the fallout from harming others for their selfish gain, showing that the divine is ultimately in control.

A line art drawing of the astrology zodiac symbol of Aries representing the Emperor tarot cards

Lightning: The lightning bolt signifies sudden revelations or breakthroughs that significantly change your world. The lightning bolt enters the Tower through the peak where the crown sits, symbolizing energetic downloads through the crown chakra from the Universe. 

22 Flames: 12 flames represent the zodiac signs, while the other 10 points represent the Tree of Life, showing that everything in life is ultimately up to divine intervention. 

The Storm: The storm symbolizes life continuing to move forward even while traumatic and chaotic events occur. Time to wait until the dust settles before trying to rebuild.



Questions about The Tower Tarot Card Meaning


The symbol for a Fire element

The Tower Card as a Person or Personality

In a tarot reading, The Tower card represents an agent of transformation as a person or personality. They are someone with intense emotions and experiences who envisions a radical change in the world. They often find themselves in the middle of high-stress situations. They need to realize that radical change will not happen on their specified timeline - it will only come in divine timing. This type of person will continue to be self-sacrificing to their detriment until they acknowledge the present moment and appreciate the chaos for what it is - the change they want to see. Change doesn't occur at the outcome; it happens every moment of every day. They must stop chasing the outcome and become one with the present moment to find peace.


In the Tarot Deck, Is the Tower Card Positive, Negative or Neutral?

The Tower card is a neutral tarot card as it represents divine intervention or the House of God. It does not mean good or bad luck, but rather what is being sent to you from the Universe. Everything in our lives can be seen as a blessing or a curse - it all comes down to your perspective.


The Tower Card as a Yes or No

The Tower card can mean yes, no, or maybe. It depends on the reading you are doing and the situation around it. "It's complicated" is an excellent way to describe this card as an answer. In all likelihood, however, the answer you don't want to hear is what this card signifies.


The Tower Card as an Outcome

The Tower card as an outcome indicates that change is coming in the area that your tarot card reading was about! Hang in there; the Universe is clearing out what is not aligned with your higher purpose, allowing you to see your life's calling.


Wishing you love & light,


Free Printable Cheat Sheet: The Tower Card of the Major Arcana (Rider Waite Tarot Deck)

Free Printable Cheat Sheet Images for tarot readers. Upright and Reversed associated Major Arcana Card Keywords of the tower tarot card description.

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