Fluorite Crystal Spiritual Meaning and Metaphysical Properties


I. About Fluorite

What is Fluorite?

How is Fluorite Formed?

Color Range of Fluorite

Geographic Locations

II. History of Fluorite

Medieval Ages

Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Romans

Ancient China

III. Metaphysical Meaning

Spiritual Properties

Meditation Properties

Enhancing Psychic Ability

In Love & Relationships

In Career & Finance

Luck & Prosperity

Physical Healing Properties

Emotional Healing Properties

Spiritual Healing Properties

IV. Meanings of the Colors

Green Fluorite

Blue Fluorite

Black Fluorite

Yellow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite

Pink Fluorite

Purple Fluorite

Fetid Fluorite

V. Cleansing Methods

VI. Care Instructions

Does Fluorite Fade?

Can it Go in Water?

Can it Go in the Sun?

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What is Fluorite?

Fluorite, also called Fluorspar, is a mineral form of calcium fluoride (CaF2). It is known for its unique fluorescent properties under ultraviolet light. The word Fluorite derives its name from the Latin word "flux" or "fluxus," meaning "to flow," due to its historical use as a flux in the process of metal smelting. 

Fluorite is found in various colors, including purple, green, blue, yellow, and pink. Clear Fluorite is also common, and some specimens with Fluorite properties even exhibit a rainbow of colors. The color of the Fluorite crystal depends on the impurities present in the mineral during formation.

Fluorite crystals have an octahedral shape and can be found in many locations around the world. The largest deposits of pure Fluorite are located in China, Mexico, and the United States.


How is Fluorite Formed?

Fluorite, a vibrant and colorful mineral, is created through a fascinating geological process. It is formed within hydrothermal veins, where hot and mineral-rich fluids travel through cracks and voids in the Earth's crust. As the fluids gradually cool, the minerals start to solidify and create intricate veins of Fluorite that are admired for their unique beauty.


Color Range of Fluorite

Fluorite is a mineral that occurs naturally in a wide range of colors. It is often found in shades of purple, green, blue, yellow, and pink. The color of the Fluorite crystal is determined by the presence of different impurities in the crystal lattice during its formation. For instance, purple Fluorite is typically colored by the presence of manganese, while green and Blue Fluorite may contain traces of rare earth elements.

In addition to its varied colors, Fluorite crystals are known for their unique shapes. They are often found in octahedral shapes, which feature eight faces and six vertices. These shapes are formed when Fluorite crystals grow in a specific direction, and they can add to the beauty and appeal of the crystal. Clear Fluorite crystal is also available, which is free of any impurities and has a transparent appearance. Clear Fluorite is often used in jewelry and as a decorative element.

Overall, the color range of Fluorite crystals is a fascinating aspect of this mineral. Whether you're drawn to the soothing energy of Purple Fluorite or the calming qualities of green Fluorite, there is a Fluorite crystal to suit every need and preference.


Fluorite Geographical Locations

Fluorite can be found in many locations worldwide, including China, Mexico, the United States, and many other countries. The largest deposits of Fluorite are found in China, where it is mined for both industrial and decorative purposes.

Notable Fluorite, such as Blue John, is found in the Peak District of the United Kingdom. This unique blue and yellow banded Fluorite is highly prized by collectors and is used for decorative objects and jewelry.

Other crystals, such as Rose Quartz and Black Fluorite, can be found in association with Fluorite in some locations. Clear crystals are also common and can be tumbled into beautiful Fluorite gemstones or used in jewelry.



Fluorite Crystals in History


A Green Fluorite specimen is picture used for removing negative energy.


Fluorite has been used throughout history for both decorative and industrial purposes. The ancient Romans utilized Fluorite for carving and decorative objects, while the Chinese used it for creating porcelain and for other decorative purposes.

Today, Fluorite is still used in many industrial applications, including the production of hydrofluoric acid and other chemicals. It is also a popular stone for metaphysical healing and is commonly used in meditation, crystal grids, and other spiritual practices.


Fluorite Crystals in Medieval Europe: The Belief in Its Protective Properties

During medieval times, Fluorite was believed to have protective properties that could neutralize the effects of black magic and protect against witchcraft. Many people wore fluorite amulets or carried fluorite crystals with them for protection. Fluorite was also believed to promote good luck and prosperity.


Fluorite Crystal and Ancient Egyptians: The Use in Art and Jewelry

The ancient Egyptians used Fluorite in their art and jewelry, carving objects such as scarabs and figurines from the stone. They believed that Fluorite had protective properties and could ward off negative energies. In addition to its protective properties, Fluorite was believed to promote clarity and focus.


A closeup of Purple Fluorite and Green Fluorite that are comprised of Calcium Fluoride.


Fluorite Crystal and Ancient Romans: The Use in Statues and Decorative Objects

The ancient Romans also valued Fluorite's protective properties and used it to create statues and other decorative objects. They believed that Fluorite could protect against envy and evil spirits. Fluorite was also used in jewelry and other personal adornments, as it was believed to promote prosperity and good luck.


Fluorite Crystals in China: A Rich History of Art, Metaphysics, and Healing

In China, Fluorite has a rich history that dates back to ancient times. The mineral was highly valued for its beauty and was used to create intricate works of art, including carvings, vases, and other decorative objects. It was also prized for its metaphysical properties and was believed to promote spiritual growth and emotional balance.

One of the most famous uses of Fluorite in Chinese history was during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) when it was used to create delicate and intricate bowls and cups. These works of art were highly prized by collectors and connoisseurs, and some are still treasured in museums and private collections to this day.

Today, Fluorite remains a popular stone in China and is often used in traditional Chinese medicine and Feng Shui practices to promote health, wealth, and overall well-being. Whether you're a fan of Chinese art and history or simply curious about the role of crystals in different cultures, Fluorite's fascinating history in China will captivate and inspire you.



Metaphysical Meaning of Fluorite Stone


A collection of rough Fluorite tumbles where its believed Fluorite makes psychic communication easier.



Are you prepared to unleash the boundless potential of your mind, body, and spirit? Look no further than Fluorite - the ultimate "genius stone" with incredible metaphysical properties. This stunning crystal is renowned for stimulating mental clarity, improving spiritual balance, and boosting psychic communication. But that's not all - Fluorite is also known to enhance physical coordination, support holistic healing, and improve overall spiritual well-being.

At the heart of Fluorite's power lies its connection to the chakras - specifically, the third eye, throat, heart, and crown chakras. By balancing these energy centers, Fluorite can cleanse negative energies from the aura and promote emotional fortitude and balance. If you're looking to tap into the full spectrum of your spiritual potential, be sure to explore the fascinating metaphysical meaning of Fluorite.


Spiritual Properties of Fluorite Crystal

Fluorite is a remarkable crystal that possesses spiritual properties that are highly regarded by many people. It is a highly protective and stabilizing crystal that can help to cleanse and purify the energy of the body, mind, and spirit. Fluorite is a powerful stone that can help to balance and harmonize the spiritual energy centers of the human body, including the chakras. It can help to bring clarity, focus, and awareness to the spiritual realm and promote spiritual awakening.


Meditation Properties of Fluorite Crystals

Fluorite is an excellent crystal for meditation, as it can help to promote relaxation, calmness, and mental clarity. Its soothing energy can help to quiet the mind and allow for deeper, more meaningful meditation experiences. Fluorite crystals can be used during meditation to enhance spiritual communication and psychic abilities. Yellow Fluorite crystals are particularly useful for improving mental focus and concentration during meditation.


The Power of Fluorite Crystals: Enhancing Psychic Ability and Spiritual Awareness

Fluorite is a powerful crystal that is believed to have many metaphysical properties. One of its most well-known properties is its ability to boost psychic ability and enhance spiritual awareness. It is said to help clear the mind and increase mental clarity, making it easier to access and interpret intuitive information.

The third eye chakra, commonly linked with intuition and psychic capabilities, can be stimulated by Fluorite. A balanced and open third eye chakra may improve extrasensory abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, which Fluorite is often employed to achieve.

Apart from its capacity to stimulate the third eye chakra, Fluorite is also thought to boost spiritual consciousness and foster spiritual development. It is said to help one connect more deeply with their higher self and the spiritual realm, making it easier to access guidance and insight from higher sources.

Overall, Fluorite is a valuable tool for those seeking to enhance their psychic ability and spiritual awareness. Whether you are looking to develop your intuition or gain a more profound connection to the spiritual realm, Fluorite can be a powerful ally in your journey toward spiritual growth and enlightenment.


A purple green and blue Fluorite gem is pictured, known for it's throat chakra connection.


Fluorite Crystals Meaning in Love & Relationships

Fluorite is a powerful crystal that can help to enhance the energy of love and relationships. It is known to promote emotional balance and harmony, which can help to improve communication and deepen the connection between partners. Fluorite can help release emotional pain and negative energy that may block love and relationships. Purple Fluorite, in particular, is a powerful crystal for enhancing emotional awareness and understanding.


Fluorite Crystal Meaning in Career & Finance

Fluorite is a valuable crystal for career and finance, as it can help to enhance focus, concentration, and mental clarity. Its energy can help to promote productivity and success in the workplace, and it can also help to attract prosperity and abundance. Green Fluorite is particularly useful for promoting physical coordination and enhancing holistic healing, making it a beneficial crystal for those in physically demanding careers.


Fluorite Crystals Meaning with Luck & Prosperity

Fluorite is a powerful crystal for attracting luck and prosperity. Its energy can help to bring about positive changes in life and create opportunities for growth and success. Rainbow Fluorite, in particular, is known for its ability to stimulate positive energy and attract good luck. Clear Fluorite is also a valuable crystal for enhancing psychic abilities and communicating with the spiritual realm, which can help to attract positive energy and abundance.



Spiritual & Healing Properties of Fluorite Crystals


Rough tumbled stones of green purple and blue Fluorite are pictured, believed to improve your spiritual wellbeing.


Fluorite is a powerful stone with various healing properties that promote spiritual and physical well-being. This crystal comes in multiple colors, including purple, green, blue, yellow, and clear, and is commonly found in octahedral crystals or as tumbled stones. The metaphysical properties of Fluorite make it an amazing crystal for emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.


Physical Healing Properties of Fluorite Crystals

Fluorite is a powerful crystal that has been used for its physical healing properties for centuries. It is known to stimulate the immune system, reduce inflammation, and improve physical coordination. Fluorite is also believed to have a positive effect on the respiratory system, helping to relieve symptoms of coughs, colds, and other respiratory illnesses.

In addition to its immune-boosting properties, Fluorite is also believed to assist in the absorption of essential nutrients in the human body. This makes it an excellent stone for those looking to improve their overall physical health, as it can support the body's natural processes and aid in assimilating vitamins and minerals.

Fluorite is also believed to support bone health, making it an ideal crystal for those recovering from fractures or other bone injuries. It is said to help with the healing process and can aid in the regeneration of bone tissue.


Emotional Healing Properties of Fluorite Crystal

In addition to its physical healing properties, Fluorite gemstone is also known to have emotional healing properties. This crystal can help ease emotional pain and promote emotional balance. It can also help in psychic communication and facilitate spiritual awakening. Fluorite can be a powerful tool for those who are looking to improve their emotional well-being and connect with their spirituality.


Spiritual Healing Properties of Fluorite Stone

Fluorite is a powerful crystal for spiritual healing, as it is known to help balance and align the chakras, especially the heart chakra. This crystal is believed to aid in psychic manipulation, making it an excellent tool for those looking to improve their psychic abilities. Also said to be an aura cleanser, using Fluorite crystal is sure to help cleanse negative energies and patterns, boosting self-esteem and confidence. By helping you build emotional fortitude, this stone is an excellent crystal for those looking to promote spiritual balance in their energy fields and connect with higher realms.



Fluorite Healing Properties and Metaphysical Meaning of Varying Shades


A closeup of Green Fluorite known to boost psychic communication.


Fluorite is a colorful mineral that comes in a range of hues, from clear and colorless to greens, purples, pinks, and blues. It's a popular stone for crystal healing and is said to have various healing properties depending on its color. In this section, we'll explore different shades of Fluorite and their unique properties, so you can choose the right one to support your personal growth and healing journey.


Green Fluorite Crystal

Green Fluorite is a stone of growth, renewal, and abundance. It helps to heal emotional wounds and release negative patterns and beliefs. This crystal supports physical healing and enhances coordination, balance, and flexibility. Green Fluorite resonates with the heart chakra, promoting self-love, compassion, and forgiveness.


Blue Fluorite Crystal

Blue Fluorite is a crystal of clear communication, expression, and understanding. It stimulates the throat chakra, enhancing eloquence, honesty, and diplomacy. Blue Fluorite also helps to release anger, frustration, and other negative emotions, promoting calmness, serenity, and inner peace.


Black Fluorite Crystal

Prepare to be captivated by the dark and mysterious beauty of black Fluorite! This highly sought-after variety of Fluorite is known by many names, including Black Magic Fluorite and Phantom Fluorite, and is prized by collectors and spiritual practitioners alike. With its deep shades of black, purple, and green, Black Fluorite is a true feast for the eyes.

But this striking crystal isn't just about looks - it's also packed with powerful metaphysical properties. Black Fluorite is said to have a grounding and protective energy that can help shield the user from negative energies and promote emotional balance. Believed to enhance intuition and spiritual awareness, Fluorite is an ideal stone for meditation and other spiritual practices.

Whether you're a crystal enthusiast or appreciate the beauty of natural stones, Black Fluorite is a must-have addition to any collection. Its dark and alluring appearance makes it a popular choice for jewelry and decorative objects, while its metaphysical properties can help bring peace, clarity, and protection to your life.


A rough yellow Fluorite crystal.


Yellow Fluorite Crystal

Yellow Fluorite is a crystal of mental clarity, focus, and self-confidence. It enhances cognitive abilities, memory, and concentration, making it a great study aid and work companion. It is also thought to stimulate the solar plexus chakra, enhancing personal power and emotional level. Yellow Fluorite crystal also helps to release emotional pain and self-doubt, promoting self-esteem and empowerment. This crystal resonates with the solar plexus, enhancing personal power and willpower.


Rainbow Fluorite Stone

If you want to boost your physical and spiritual well-being, Rainbow Fluorite is the perfect stone for you. This powerful crystal is known for stimulating the physical body, promoting overall health, enhancing spiritual growth, and promoting a positive mindset.

One of the key chakras associated with Rainbow Fluorite is the crown chakra, which is responsible for our connection to the divine and our ability to access higher consciousness. By balancing and activating this energy center, Rainbow Fluorite can help us tap into our spiritual potential and achieve greater levels of inner peace and well-being.

But that's not all - Rainbow Fluorite is also packed with other healing properties. It promotes mental clarity, improves concentration, and enhances creativity and intuition. Additionally, it's believed to cleanse the aura and promote emotional balance.

Whether you're a seasoned crystal enthusiast or simply looking to explore the world of natural healing, Rainbow Fluorite is a must-have addition to your collection. Its vibrant colors and stunning patterns make it a beautiful addition to any space. At the same time, its positive healing properties can help you tap into your spiritual potential and live your best life.


Pink Fluorite Crystal

This stunning variety of Fluorite is prized for its delicate pink hues, which range from pale blush to deep rose. But this crystal is more than just a pretty face - it's also packed with powerful metaphysical properties that can help bring balance, harmony, and love into your life.

In the world of crystal healing, pink Fluorite is particularly associated with the heart chakra, which is responsible for our ability to give and receive love. This stone is said to have a soothing and calming energy that can help ease emotional pain and promote self-love by helping you release negative patterns helping you attract loving relationships. It's also believed to enhance creativity and intuition, making it an ideal stone for artists and other creative types.


A Purple Fluorite crystal with blue and green Fluorite in the center


Purple Fluorite Crystal

Get ready to be captivated by Purple Fluorite's mysterious and enchanting energy! This stunning variety of Fluorite is prized for its deep shades of purple, which range from pale lavender to rich violet. But this crystal is more than just a feast for the eyes - it's also packed with powerful metaphysical properties that can help bring balance, clarity, and spiritual growth into your life.

Purple Fluorite is associated with the third eye chakra, which is responsible for our intuition, perception, and spiritual awareness in crystal healing. Purple Fluorite can help us tap into our inner wisdom and connect with our higher selves by balancing and activating this energy center. It's also believed to enhance mental clarity, improve concentration, and promote emotional balance.

Not only this, Purple Fluorite is also popular for those seeking to enhance their creativity and promote spiritual growth. Its calming energy can help release negative emotions and encourage peace and inner harmony.

Whether you're a crystal enthusiast or appreciate the beauty of natural stones, Purple Fluorite is a must-have addition to any collection. Its rich and enchanting coloration makes it a striking addition to any space. At the same time, its powerful healing properties can help you tap into your inner wisdom and achieve more remarkable spiritual growth and well-being.


Fetid Fluorite Crystals

Are you ready to experience the darker side of Fluorite? Look no further than Fetid Fluorite, also known as antozonite - a rare and fascinating variety of this powerful crystal. What sets fetid Fluorite apart from other types of Fluorite is its distinct odor, which has been likened to the smell of rotten eggs or sulfur. But don't let that deter you - this unique crystal packs a powerful metaphysical punch.

Fetid Fluorite is typically found in shades of yellow, green, or brown, and its pungent odor is caused by the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas. Despite its less-than-pleasant scent, this crystal is highly prized by collectors and enthusiasts for its striking appearance and powerful healing properties.

In the world of metaphysical healing, fetid Fluorite is used to assist in spiritual growth, emotional balance, and mental clarity. It's believed to be a powerful cleanser of negative energies, making it an ideal stone for those seeking to release old patterns and emotional baggage. Additionally, it's said to enhance intuition and promote physical healing.



How to Cleanse Fluorite Crystals


A closeup of mint green Fluorite and it's beautiful textures associated with a positive mindset and emotional level.


Fluorite, like many other crystals, has a unique energy and vibrational frequency that can be affected by its surroundings. Over time, the stone can absorb negative energies and vibrations, which can impact its overall effectiveness. That's why it's essential to cleanse Fluorite regularly to maintain its optimal healing properties. While there are many ways to cleanse crystals, some methods may be too harsh or abrasive for Fluorite. Therefore, it's best to choose a gentle and natural method that will not damage the stone.

One popular way to cleanse Fluorite is by using saltwater. Saltwater is a natural cleanser that can absorb negative energy and neutralize it. To use this method, mix salt and water in a bowl and place the Fluorite stone in it for a few hours. Afterward, rinse the stone thoroughly with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth.

Another method is to use moonlight, which is believed to be a powerful energy source. To cleanse with moonlight, place the Fluorite stone outside under the full moon and let it soak up the energy overnight. This method is especially effective during the full moon phase as it's believed to have the most potent energy.



Care Information for Fluorite Crystals


A Purple Fluorite stone is picture and is associated with the solar plexus chakra and positive energy.


Fluorite is a relatively soft stone that can be damaged by scratches or chips, so handling it with care is essential. To prevent fading or discoloration, it is advisable to refrain from subjecting Fluorite to extreme temperatures or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Keep Fluorite away from other crystals to prevent scratches or damage when storing it. Tumbled fluorite stones can be carried in a pocket or placed on the body for healing purposes.


Does Fluorite Stone Fade?

Fluorite can fade or discolor over time if exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. It's essential to keep Fluorite from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or high heat to prevent fading or discoloration. Additionally, some colors of Fluorite may be more prone to fading than others, so it's important to research the specific color of Fluorite you have and take appropriate care.


Can Fluorite Stones Go in Water?

Fluorite is a versatile mineral that has gained popularity in recent years for its varied benefits. One of the most significant advantages of Fluorite is its ability to be submerged in water without any damage. This quality makes it an ideal choice for those looking to use water-based cleansing methods to clean their crystals. Fluorite's unique structure allows it to be submerged in water without fear of water damage, unlike other minerals that may be sensitive to moisture. This characteristic makes it a go-to stone for those who practice various forms of energy work or crystal healing, where regular cleansing and purifying of crystals is necessary.

However, it's important to note that while Fluorite can be safely submerged in water, prolonged exposure to water can cause the stone to deteriorate over time. Fluorite's composition includes calcium, which can be affected by the acidity and mineral content of water, leading to erosion or weakening of the stone. Limiting the time that Fluorite spends in water-based cleansing methods is recommended to avoid any potential damage. A quick rinse or a brief soak in water is generally sufficient to cleanse the stone, and it's important to dry it thoroughly afterward to prevent any moisture from accumulating. By taking these simple precautions, one can safely and effectively cleanse and care for their Fluorite stone.


Can Fluorite Stones Go in the Sun?

While Fluorite can be safely exposed to sunlight for brief periods, it's important to limit direct sunlight exposure to prevent fading or discoloration. Direct sunlight exposure for extended periods can cause the color of Fluorite to fade or change. It's best to keep Fluorite away from direct sunlight and high temperatures to ensure its longevity and maintain its healing energies.


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