The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

The Sun card depicts a radiant sun, a joyful naked child on a white horse, and four sunflowers, symbolizing happiness, success, vitality, and the sun's energy, illuminating the path ahead.

The Sun tarot card is a highly positive and radiant Major Arcana card, symbolizing joy, vitality, success, and personal growth. Coming after the Moon card, which represents the realm of dreams, illusions, and subconscious emotions, the Sun brings clarity, truth, and enlightenment. With its warm, life-giving energy, the Sun illuminates our path, allowing us to see things more clearly and embrace our authentic selves. As we move forward from the Moon's mysterious and sometimes confusing energy, the Sun provides a renewed sense of purpose and direction. This powerful card encourages us to embrace our inner child, harness our power, and live life to the fullest.

In a tarot reading, the Sun card often represents a period of happiness and abundance, where we can experience the world with wonder and positivity. It is a card that invites us to shine brightly and fearlessly, embracing our truth and sharing our light with those around us. As we progress towards the next card in the Major Arcana, Judgement, the Sun prepares us for a time of reflection, evaluation, and transformation. In tarot, The Sun's powerful energy enables us to approach this period of introspection with a strong foundation, having experienced life's joy and vitality. With the lessons learned from the Sun card, we'll be more equipped to face the challenges and opportunities that await us on our spiritual journey.



The Sun Upright Tarot Card Meaning


Printable Images of the upright Sun tarot meaning of the Major Arcana. The keywords are: Joy, Truth, Happiness, Abundance, Positive Side, Personal Growth, Inner Child Healing

The Sun Tarot Card: General Meaning

As a general meaning, when the Sun card appears in the upright position, it's a reminder of the positive energy, growth, and vitality that can brighten our lives. The Sun's light illuminates the path ahead, guiding us toward personal growth and success. This Major Arcana card signifies a period of feeling carefree, where we can genuinely embrace our inner child and experience the world with a sense of wonder.

The card is filled with symbols of happiness, joy, and a zest for life. As a representation of the sun element and its connection to the zodiac signs, the Sun card in a tarot reading urges us to harness our solar plexus chakra's power, allowing us to tap into our personal power and confidence. As the Sun reminds us to shine brightly and fearlessly, it serves as a permission slip to be our authentic selves, embracing our truth and living life to the fullest.


The Sun in a Relationship & Love Tarot Reading

When the Sun tarot card graces a love reading in the upright position, it envelops us in warmth, happiness, and an abundance of positive energy. This auspicious omen for romance signals solid relationships and deep connections between partners. The Sun in a tarot reading can also signify new love in bloom, the rekindling of bygone flames, or a surge of joy and passion within a current partnership. It inspires open communication, trust, and mutual understanding, laying the groundwork for enduring love.

In a tarot love reading, the Sun card sheds light on our inner selves and the significance of self-love in relationships. By fostering personal growth, we can forge more profound, fulfilling connections with others. The Sun's presence in a love reading reminds us to focus on our happiness, appreciate the positive aspects of our relationships, and share our radiant light with those we cherish.


The Sun Tarot Card Meaning in a Finance & Career Reading

When the Sun appears in a career tarot reading, it often indicates success, abundance, and recognition. This card suggests that your hard work is paying off and that you are on the path to achieving your goals. The Sun's upright meaning can also represent a new job or career opportunity that brings happiness, fulfillment, and personal growth. It reminds you to stay true to your passions and trust your abilities, knowing that your dedication and persistence will ultimately lead to success.

As a symbol of light, the Sun tarot card as a career meaning illuminates our financial situation and career path, showing us the way forward and helping us overcome any obstacles in our way. It encourages us to take risks, believe in ourselves, and embrace the opportunities that come our way. The Sun tarot card in career tarot reading also highlights the importance of balancing work and personal life, reminding us that true success comes from a sense of fulfillment in all aspects of our lives.


The Sun Tarot Card in Health & Wellness Readings

In a health and wellness tarot reading, the Sun upright meaning symbolizes vitality, well-being, and the rejuvenating power of positive energy. This radiant card encourages you to prioritize self-care and nourishing your body and soul. It invites you to spend quality time in nature, basking in the sun's life-giving rays and embracing the healing it provides.

The Sun tarot card's presence in a health reading also signifies a period of personal growth and transformation, urging you to listen to your inner self and align with your true desires. By focusing on activities that bring joy and happiness, you can cultivate a sense of balance and well-being in your everyday life. The Sun reminds us that maintaining a positive mindset can aid our healing journey and support our overall health, even in adversity.



The Sun Reversed Tarot Cards Meaning


Printable Images of the reversed Sun tarot meaning of the Major Arcana. The keywords are: Pessimism, Tough Times, Reality Check, Conceitedness, Lack of Enthusiasm, Excessive Enthusiasm, Unrealistic Expectations

The Sun Reversed Meaning in General Tarot Readings

When the Sun card appears reversed in a reading, it may indicate that you're going through a rough patch or struggling to see the bright side of a situation. The Sun reversed could also signify unrealistic expectations, excessive enthusiasm, or a need for a reality check. Despite facing challenges, staying true to yourself and your goals is crucial, as trusting in your inner light to guide you through these times.

Even in its reversed position, the Sun card still holds a glimmer of hope and positivity. It encourages you to tap into your inner strength and resilience, reminding you that obstacles are temporary and can lead to personal growth. By embracing a more balanced perspective, you can harness the Sun's energy, overcome setbacks, and emerge stronger than before.


The Sun Card Reversed Relationship & Love

In a love and relationship reading, the reversed Sun card may suggest a lack of warmth, happiness, or connection between partners. It could signify a brief period of carefree feelings or a temporary setback in the relationship. However, it's essential to remember that the Sun's light is always present, even when hidden behind clouds. Open communication and honesty help restore the positive energy within the relationship.

The reversed Sun card in a love reading also reminds you to nurture your inner self and practice self-love. Addressing any personal issues or unresolved emotions can create an environment conducive to healing and growth within the partnership. With patience, understanding, and self-reflection, you can rediscover the warmth and connection that may have been temporarily overshadowed, reigniting the love and happiness shared between you and your partner.


Meaning of the Sun Reversed in Finance & Career

When the Sun reversed appears in a finance and career reading, it could signify that you're confronting obstacles or delays in reaching your goals. The Sun reversed shows that reassessing your approach, managing your expectations, or learning from setbacks might be necessary to find success. Stay persistent and remember that even the most challenging times can lead to growth and progress.

In this context, the reversed Sun card may indicate a temporary dip in self-confidence or self-assurance, making you doubt your capabilities. Remembering your strengths and past achievements is essential, as they can help boost your self-assuredness and navigate any career obstacles. The reversed Sun card also hints at a new career opportunity that may initially seem challenging but ultimately leads to personal growth and improved self-confidence.


The Sun Reversed Tarot Card in Health & Wellness

In a health and wellness context, the Sun card reversed can signal the need to pay closer attention to your well-being and tackle any issues that might be affecting your vitality. This energetic card, even when reversed, urges you to maintain a positive attitude, nurture your body and mind, and not let temporary setbacks deter you from focusing on self-care and healing.

The Sun card reversed in a health reading may also suggest a period where you're not feeling as carefree or energetic as usual. It may be the perfect time to reevaluate your lifestyle choices and make adjustments to improve your overall well-being. By fostering self-confidence and a sense of self-assurance, you can overcome any health-related obstacles and restore your vitality. Remember, the Sun card is a good omen, and its appearance, even reversed, signifies that brighter days are on the horizon. You can reclaim your health and return to balance and happiness with patience and persistence.



The Sun Tarot Card Visual Elements & Symbolism


The Sun Planet - Sun

The Sun Zodiac Sign - Leo; Although this card doesn't traditionally have a zodiac sign, Leo is governed by the Sun, so an association with the Sun can be made.

The Sun Element - Fire Element; Although this card doesn't traditionally have an element, The zodiac sign Leo is associated with Fire, so an association with the Sun can be made. 

The Sun Associated Crystals - Bloodstone, Tiger's Eye, Sunstone, Diamond, Amber


The astrology symbol for the Sun

The Child: The child on the card symbolizes innocence, purity, and the essence of our inner child, reminding us to embrace our authentic selves and experience life with a sense of wonder.

Being Naked: The child's nakedness represents vulnerability, openness, and freedom from societal constraints, allowing us to embrace our true selves and celebrate our uniqueness.

White Horse: The white horse represents freedom, power, and purity of spirit, carrying us forward on our journey with strength and grace.

Four Sunflowers: The sunflowers symbolize the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) and the four suits in a tarot deck (Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles), representing balance and harmony in all aspects of life.

The astrology symbol for the zodiac sign Leo.

Walled Garden: The walled garden signifies protection, safety, and the nurturing environment needed for personal growth, allowing us to thrive and reach our full potential.

Brick Wall: The wall on the card symbolizes boundaries, stability, and the foundation upon which we build our lives, providing a secure base for personal and spiritual development.

Sun: The central element, the sun represents warmth, light, and life itself, illuminating our path and providing the energy needed for growth and transformation.

Red Flag: The red flag held by the child symbolizes action, vitality, and the passion required to pursue our dreams and manifest our desires.



Questions About The Sun Card


The astrology symbol for the element Fire.

The Sun Card as a Person or Personality

The Sun card can represent a person who is radiant, full of life, and always able to find the positive side of any situation. This individual may have a strong connection to their inner child, embracing their true self and effortlessly spreading joy and happiness to those around them. They embody the qualities of self-assurance and confidence, shining their light brightly and inspiring others to do the same.

These individuals can stay true to themselves and their beliefs, never shying away from expressing their truth. They are often energetic, optimistic, and self-assured, with a warm and generous spirit that attracts others. Their childlike wonder allows them to approach life with curiosity and openness, making them feel carefree and fully present in each moment.

As a representation of the Sun card's personality, these people can also be incredibly resilient, bounce back from challenges, and maintain a positive outlook even during tough times. They are a living embodiment of the bright side of life, continually motivating and uplifting those around them. Their presence serves as a reminder to embrace our inner child, follow our truth, and celebrate life's joy and happiness.


Is it Positive, Negative, or Neutral when the Sun tarot card appears?

While the Sun card is generally seen as a positive card, its meaning can vary depending on the context of the reading and whether it appears upright or reversed. In most cases, the Sun represents success, happiness, and vitality, but in its reversed position, it can also indicate challenges, unrealistic expectations, or a need for a reality check.


In Tarot, The Sun as a Yes or No Card

The Sun card is generally considered a positive, affirmative answer in a yes or no tarot reading. It indicates that things are moving favorably, and success and happiness are likely outcomes.


What does the Sun Tarot Card Mean in the Past, Present, and Future Positions?

In a tarot reading, the Sun card can represent a period of joy, success, or personal growth that has had a lasting impact on your life. This radiant, energetic card serves as a reminder of when you felt carefree and embraced your inner child, truly shining your light and living your truth. The experiences and lessons learned during that time continue to shape your present, influencing your perspective and approach to life.

When the Sun appears in the present position, it's a sign that you're experiencing happiness, success, and vitality and that your efforts are paying off. It suggests that now is an excellent time to embrace all the life has to offer, focusing on self-care, nurturing your solar plexus chakra, and spending quality time with those who bring joy and love to your life. The Sun card's presence in this position encourages you to celebrate your achievements, cherish the present moment, and share your positivity with others.

In the future position, the Sun tarot card meaning suggests that a period of abundance, joy, and personal growth is on the horizon and that you have the potential to achieve your goals and desires. This bright and powerful card indicates that you can manifest the life you desire by continuing to stay true to yourself and maintaining a positive outlook. Embrace the childlike wonder and enthusiasm that the Sun tarot card meaning embodies, and trust that your future holds the promise of happiness, success, and fulfillment.


Wishing you love & light,


Free Printable Cheat Sheet: The Sun Tarot Card Description of the Major Arcana (Rider Waite Tarot Deck)

Free Printable the Sun Tarot Card Cheatsheet with the picture of the upright and reversed Sun tarot cards, as well as the upright and reversed associated keywords for a tarot reading.

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