Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning

An image of the tenth card of the Major Arcana Cards in the Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck: The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card. The card has a giant wheel in the middle that symbolizes Greek mythology surrounding the three women called the Fates. The wheel's face is covered in symbols; the outer circle has the Letters TORA, while the inner circles have alchemical symbols. Four winged creatures represent the four fixed signs of the Zodiac, and the other three figures on the card symbolize the Egyptian God.


I. The Upright Wheel of Fortune

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In Love Readings

In Career Readings

In Health Readings

II. The Reversed Wheel of Fortune

In General Readings

In Love Readings

In Career Readings

In Health Readings

III. The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings: Visual Elements & Symbolism

IV. Questions About the Tarot Card Meanings

As a Person or Personality

As a Yes or No

As an Outcome

V. Free Printable Cheatsheet

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The Wheel of Fortune tarot card represents a significant turning point in our lives, coming after the introspection and wisdom-seeking of the Hermit card, and before the balance-seeking and truth-seeking of the Justice card. As we emerge from the solitude of the Hermit card, the Wheel of Fortune invites us to embrace change, movement, and endless opportunities, urging us to take control of our destiny and navigate life's ebbs and flows.



Upright Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning


Free Printable Images of the upright Wheel of Fortune tarot meaning - the tenth card of the Major Arcana. The keywords are New Cycle, Good Omen, Turning Point, External Forces, Significant Change, Good Luck, Own Destiny, and Cyclic Nature.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning in a General Reading

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card is a good omen, representing good fortune and a sense of happiness. In a general tarot reading, the upright Wheel can indicate that you are at a turning point where everything seems to be going well. You may have been waiting for this moment since the beginning of your journey—and now it has arrived!

As you continue along this path, you may also be experiencing changes within yourself or your environment; these changes could affect your professional and personal life. They could also lead to new opportunities that seem too good to be true but still feel right for you. In the upright position, the Wheel of Fortune tarot is about getting what you want out of life without any significant setbacks: it's all about seeing how things come together when they should (and not when they shouldn't).


Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning in Love Life & Relationships

The Wheel of Fortune upright does not promise everlasting happiness or perfect relationships and instead asks us to pay attention to what life throws our way. You're being asked to know that a new cycle is on the horizon! This card encourages you to notice the progress you've made internally (and potentially within others) before making rash decisions based on past experiences. Now is the time to stay in the center of your Wheel. Stay aligned with what you want for your love life, and everything will fall into place.

If you're currently single and are looking for a time frame for when someone comes along who will sweep you off your feet, the answer is now! The Wheel of Fortune tarot cards in a love tarot reading is about new beginnings, happy endings, and innocence. Look for supporting cards suggesting a new love interest is on the way.

There are several Wheel of Fortune tarot love meanings while in a relationship. The first is that you're on the right track! It is a promising card that suggests you move forward in your relationship, setting up solid foundations for future growth and success. In the upright position, it indicates that if there are any changes you would like to see in your relationship, now is the time to speak your mind so that your future together can be even better than it is today. These changes are welcome and will help both of you grow as individuals.

The second meaning of the Wheel of Fortune card in relationship readings can represent the decisive moments where one begins to realize that the fate of their relationship has gone on too long and needs to be ended. The Wheel of Fortune tarot love meaning shows us how we are moving forward. It tells us what we should do next to achieve all our goals at once with confidence and joy! If that means letting go of one experience to gain another, go for it!


Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning in Career & Finance

The Wheel of Fortune upright in a career reading can mean you will get a new job offer or opportunity soon. You may also be offered a promotion or a pay increase. In the upright position, this card encourages you to determine what you need to do now to keep your professional life on track. Inspiration and motivation are at your fingertips - be open to receiving them.

Alternatively, if you've had bad luck recently, know that when the Wheel turns, it is impossible to change it. It is your sign to go with the flow! The Wheel of Fortune in a career reading can mean that you will have an invaluable turn of events in your career that could change everything for the better. The Universe invites you to use your intuition to turn things around. Use this opportunity to better your outcome.


Wheel of Fortune Tarot Health & Wellness Meaning

When the Wheel of Fortune appears during a health tarot reading, it can mean that you are at a point a big decision may have to be made for you or someone close to you, and it could be hard to know how best to proceed.

Things are changing rapidly, so if it appears in your health tarot reading, try not to panic! In the wake of health issues, fate has previously brought good news with the Wheel of Fortune, so maybe this time will be no different!



Reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning


Free Printable Images of the reversed Wheel of Fortune tarot meaning - the tenth card of the Major Arcana cards. The keywords are Unwelcome Changes, Never Ending Cycle, Negative Forces, Hit Rock Bottom, Making the Same Mistakes, Health Issues, and Bad Luck.Reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning in General Readings

You may feel like the Universe has turned its back on you with the Wheel of Fortune in the reversed position. Opposing forces in your life have been testing your strength but hang in there; the Universe is working hard to line new opportunities up for you. Spending time deepening your connection to your higher self is recommended. The struggle of your current situation will soon pass but be mindful not to resist the changes the Wheel of Fortune reversed brings. Doing so may bring residual karmic energy along with you that may start the cycle all over again. Take this time to do some self-discovery and become a more spiritual person.

What comes up must come down—but don't worry because what goes down will rise again. Even when external influences cause sudden or unanticipated significant change, you have to remember change is nothing to fear! We must accept that being human is all about this - we're meant to evolve and keep moving. Unexpected twists are what keep life a mystery as it unfolds. If everything were entirely predictable, it would get stale fast, wouldn't it?

With the Wheel of Fortune reversed your best bet is to surrender to the Universe's will. Resisting its changes will only complicate things as that will continue manifesting karmic energy. Look within: what can you learn from the situation you are going through? Why do you want to avoid change? What can you find that's positive about this situation? Use these insights to make your next moves forward.


Reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot Love Meaning

If you have recently ended a relationship with someone, the Wheel of Fortune in the reversed position may be trying to tell you not to rush into another one too soon. There are unresolved problems with your previous relationship that will likely carry into a new one if you enter a relationship before healing. There is no point rushing into something new, as it will probably repeat the same mistakes and seemingly never-ending cycle of heartbreak. There are things within the relationship that could have been done differently. Take time alone to learn what went right and where change was desired.

If you're in a new relationship, your romantic partner may not be who they seem on the surface. There could be unwelcome changes or challenges ahead as things get more complicated rather than easier around this person. Please don't give up on them, though; be patient and accept them for who they are. Don't expect too much from the relationship immediately—this will develop over time if it's meant to last!

While in a serious relationship, the Wheel of Fortune reversed in love can be a lot of fun. You may be the type to enjoy being spontaneous and taking risks, but this card warns of blind optimism that may lead you to disappointment.


The Wheel of Fortune Reversed in Career & Finance Readings

In a career tarot reading, the reversed Wheel of Fortune tarot cards indicates that you've hit rock bottom. Things are different now in your career, so it's time to make a change. You're in a rut and need to move on or start over somehow.

The Wheel of Fortune in the reversed position in a career context signifies that something in your work life has become stagnant. Uncertainty or disruptions are standard with this card. Unwelcome change may be coming your way.

It's time for you to sit down and reevaluate the choices you've made in your life regarding your career. Have you made the right decisions to get everything you're looking for out of your life? Have you been asking for new opportunities, and when the Universe shows them, you've turned them down? Please clarify what you want from life when the Wheel of Fortune reversed shows up in this context.


Reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot Health & Wellness Meaning

The reversed Wheel of Fortune tarot cards can mean you're going through an emotional period that will result in a change or transformation. This card can also signify a dynamic shift in your life right now—it's not just about what's happening within your head but also how others react to the situation. In such cases, it could be best to avoid making significant decisions until things settle down.

If you're dealing with health issues and find this card coming up during a reading for yourself or someone else, it could mean that some underlying problems must be addressed before they get worse—or even cause permanent damage!



Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Description - Visual Elements & Symbolism


Wheel of Fortune Planet - Jupiter (Connection to cosmic laws and expansion)

The Wheel of Fortune Associated Crystals - Sapphire, Sardonyx, Amethyst, Black Opal, Lapis Lazuli, Jade, Rhodonite, Aventurine


A line art drawing of the astrology symbol of JupiterWe'll start with the three figures on the outer edges:

Sphynx: The Sphinx sits atop the Wheel and represents knowledge and strength.

Anubis: Towards the right, you can notice Anubis – the Egyptian God of death, who greets departed spirits as they enter the afterlife.

Typhon (Serpent): The Egyptian God Typhon (the God of evil) descends on the left side. The snake represents the life force spilling into the material world and conveying knowledge of Good vs. Evil.

Letters - TORA / ROTA: The letters spelling TORA are said to represent the word Torah or Tarot, meaning "law." When read the other way as ROTA, it means "wheel" in Latin.

Letters - יהוה: The Four Hebrew letters, YHWH - Yod, Heh, Waw, and Heh are inscribed on the Wheel's face. They signify YHWH, the unpronounceable name of God.

Four Winged Creatures: The four winged creatures on the card represent the four Christian Evangelists. They are also symbols of the four fixed signs:

  • The Eagle represents Scorpio.

  • The Angel represents Aquarius.

  • The Bull represents Taurus.

  • The Lion represents Leo.

Their wings indicate stability amid crisis, and each holds the Torah, representing wisdom.

The Four Elements and Alchemical Symbols: Alchemical symbols on the center wheel represent life's origins and formative power. The Four Elements are Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, which have also been said to be indicative of the four tarot suits (Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles, respectively). The other four symbols represent Mercury, Salt, Sulfur, and Water.



Questions About The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings


The Wheel of Fortune Card as a Person or Personality

The Wheel of Fortune doesn't necessarily signify a specific type of personality; instead, it shows the cyclic nature of a soul's evolution. The character on the left side of the Wheel is falling toward earth, signifying moving on from the past. The figure on the right is heading towards the heavens to represent growth in the present and future. The figure in the middle signifies your higher self overseeing the whole process. Take time to reflect on the cycles in your life and close out any chapters with loose ends.


Is the Wheel of Fortune Card Positive, Negative, or Neutral?

The wheel represents both destiny and fate and free will. We have the power to make choices that affect our lives, but we do not choose what happens to us; instead, we decide how we react to those things.

The Wheel of Fortune is about luck. It represents good fortune as well as bad luck. When things are going well for you, this card can be a sign that they'll continue to do so. But when things aren't going so great—and when they're just downright awful—this card can still mean things will get better! Because of this, I see the Wheel of Fortune as a positive card.


The Wheel of Fortune Meanings as a Yes or No

The Wheel of Fortune represents change and, as such, generally means yes! Just make sure you are adaptable! Although we control much of our own destiny and fate, external forces are always at work. How you respond to these forces really 'makes' or 'breaks' a situation.


The Wheel of Fortune Card as an Outcome

The Wheel represents cycles: physical, spiritual, and emotional. Whatever kind of cycle we're talking about (and there are plenty), this card shows us how it works—and how we can use our knowledge of those cycles to help ourselves successfully!

You can use the Wheel of Fortune tarot card to find out what you want in life and push yourself to achieve it. This card also indicates that positive changes regarding material world possessions or career advancement are coming for you. If you tend towards being lazy or unmotivated, this card may show up as a warning not to let your past mistakes hold you back from moving forward.


Wishing you love & light,


PS. If you're new to tarot and would like to learn more how to use them, see how comprehensive guide: How to Use Tarot Cards: A Guide for Beginners.


Free Printable Cheat Sheet: The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Description of the Major Arcana Card (Rider Waite Tarot Deck)

Free Printable Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Cheatsheet with the picture of the upright and reversed Wheel of Fortune tarot cards and the upright and reversed associated keywords.

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