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Black Agate Flames - Protective Energy - Light Of Twelve

Black Agate Flames - Protective Energy

355,00 NOK
Black Agate Flame Carvings - Illuminate Your Space with Elegance and Protective Energy Elevate your décor and spiritual practice with our exquisite Black Agate Flame Carvings. These stunning sculptures, expertly...
Rose Quartz Raw Free Forms (1KG) – Unconditional Love & Emotional Healing - Light Of Twelve

Rose Quartz Raw Free Forms (1KG) – Unconditional Love & Emotional Healing

1.137,00 NOK
Open your heart to the healing energy of love with our Rose Quartz Raw Freeforms. This powerful gemstone promotes emotional healing and fosters unconditional love. Known as the stone of...
Orange Selenite Flames - Light Of Twelve

Orange Selenite Flames

626,00 NOK – 1.221,00 NOK
Orange Selenite Flames are powerful crystal energy healing tools. Selenite is a powerful crystal for healing, breaking up negativity, and removing old programming from your body. This orange selenite will...
Cherry Blossom Agate Flames - Light Of Twelve

Cherry Blossom Agate Flames

574,00 NOK – 2.567,00 NOK
Are you feeling lost, uncertain, and confused? Are you facing a significant change or about to start a new phase in life? The agate flames will help you release old...
Red Agate Flame - Light Of Twelve

Red Agate Flame

574,00 NOK – 918,00 NOK
These beautiful red agate crystal flames with spiritual properties are a must-have for anyone who loves to give off positive energy. It is perfect for meditation, healing, and relaxation. The...
Red Agate Flames - Light Of Twelve

Red Agate Flames

459,00 NOK – 1.304,00 NOK
Agate is a grounding stone that provides strength and stability. It is used to bring one's spiritual goals. They are great for protection against negative energy and are more potent...
Ocean Jasper Stone Flame - Light Of Twelve

Ocean Jasper Stone Flame

783,00 NOK – 2.274,00 NOK
Ocean Jasper is a stone of calm and balance, grounding while soothing and protecting. Ocean Jasper boosts confidence and helps to find inner peace and tranquility. Ocean Jasper heals the...
Orca Agate Crystal Flame - Light Of Twelve

Orca Agate Crystal Flame

491,00 NOK – 1.179,00 NOK
Orca Agate is a stone of transformation, bringing about physical change when one is ready. It encourages the individual to take risks and explore new areas of life. Orca Agate...
Orca Agate Flames - Light Of Twelve

Orca Agate Flames

439,00 NOK – 1.064,00 NOK
The Orca Agate Crystal Flame is an excellent crystal to help you attract health and fortune into your life. It has a strong connection with physical health and can help...
Labradorite Free Forms - Light Of Twelve

Labradorite Free Forms

6.197,00 NOK – 8.450,00 NOK
Labradorite, also known as 'Morning Light' and 'Spectral Stone,' is a stone of magic awakening latent psychic powers. The flash of a Labradorite free-form stone makes this gemstone so unique....