Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The three of wands depicts a man stands on a cliff edge, gazing out at a vast open space with three wands firmly planted around him. He wears a long cloak and holds one wand while the other two stand behind him. Ships sail in the sea below, symbolizing exploration and expansion.

In the tarot deck, the Three of Wands represents expansion, foresight, and growth. Following the Two of Wands, which symbolizes planning and decision-making, the Three of Wands meaning signifies the initial stages of implementing those plans. As the next card, the Four of Wands represents celebration and stability, and the Three of Wands serves as a bridge between planning and achieving success.

The Three of Wands Upright Tarot Card Meanings

Three of Wands: General Tarot Card Meanings

In general tarot card readings, the Three of Wands shows progress and expansion in various aspects of life. This card is often drawn when you are moving forward and taking action on your plans, broadening your horizons through travel, new job opportunities, or personal development. The Three of Wands encourages you to dream big, plan ahead, and focus on the bigger picture and what lies ahead in your future plans.

The Three of Wands also symbolizes good fortune and the manifestation of your ideas, indicating that this is a great moment for seizing new opportunities. As you embrace these new ventures, you'll find that your hard work and determination will be rewarded, leading to growth and success in your endeavors.

Three of Wands Tarot Card Meanings in Love & Relationships

The Three of Wands tarot card signifies growth, progress, and partnership strengthening in love and relationships. If you're in a long-distance relationship, this card is a positive sign, indicating that both partners are committed to making the relationship work despite the challenges. The Three of Wands encourages open communication, trust, and understanding, which are essential for any relationship to flourish.

Printable Images of the upright Three of Wands tarot meaning of the Minor Arcana. The keywords are: Growth, Expansion, Foresight, Success, Collaboration, Progress, and Risk-taking.

For singles, the Three of Wands may hint at the possibility of meeting a partner with whom you can embark on a new relationship. This card is a good omen for new love connections, exciting adventures, and long-lasting bonds in your love life. Seeing the Three of Wands in a love reading suggests that you should remain open to the possibilities and trust that your heart will guide you to the right person.

Three of Wands Tarot Card Meanings as a Money & Career Meaning

Regarding finance and career, the Three of Wands meaning is about expansion, seizing new opportunities, and embracing your ambitions. You may be considering starting a new business, taking a job abroad, or exploring other new avenues for making money. The Three of Wands encourages you to take risks and pursue your ambitions, as your hard work, determination, and willingness to embrace new ideas will open doors for you.

The Three of Wands symbolizes that collaboration can lead to success in your career and business endeavors. Networking and forming solid partnerships with like-minded individuals can help you expand your professional horizons and bring fresh perspectives to your projects. The Three of Wands tarot card meaning, in the context of finance and career, serves as a reminder that you can create the future you desire through your actions, choices, and collaborations.

Three of Wands Tarot Card Meanings in Health & Wellness

In health and wellness, the Three of Wands meaning emphasizes the importance of personal growth, self-confidence, and risk-taking. It's time to take a leap out of your comfort zone and face life's challenges head-on. This card encourages you to focus on your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, trusting your inner strength to overcome obstacles and embrace new experiences.

The Three of Wands depicts a man gazing out at sea from a vantage point, symbolizing the vast open space of possibilities in your health journey. Take this opportunity to rid yourself of self-doubt and all the toxic people in your life. Embrace self-care and focus on activities that boost your self-confidence and overall well-being. In some tarot decks, the sea symbolizes the subconscious mind, reminding you to explore the depths of your emotions and thoughts to find balance and healing.

The Three of Wands Reversed Tarot Cards Meaning

The Three of Wands Reversed Tarot Card Meaning in General Tarot Readings

In the reversed position, the Three of Wands tarot card signifies delays, frustration, and a lack of progress. You may be feeling frustrated or stuck, trying to figure out your next move forward in your plans. This card encourages you to reassess your goals and thought patterns, identifying any obstacles that may be holding you back.

The Three of Wands reversed card shows that it's essential to maintain a big-picture perspective and not lose hope when facing challenges. It's a great time to adopt a growth mindset where you will change your view of the situation to understand that setbacks are opportunities for growth and learning and remember that risk-taking can be a necessary part of the journey toward success.

The Three of Wands Reversed Tarot Card Meaning in Love & Relationships

When the Three of Wands appears in the reversed position in love and relationships, it may indicate feelings of stagnation or dissatisfaction. In long-distance relationships, communication issues or a lack of trust may be causing strain between partners. Addressing these concerns openly and honestly is crucial to strengthen your bond and maintaining your commitment to each other.

Printable Images of the Three of Wands Reversed tarot meaning of the Minor Arcana. The keywords are: Delays, Frustration, Stagnation, Setbacks, Lack of progress, Poor communication, and Hesitation.

For singles, the reversed Three of Wands symbolizes you're not quite ready for a new relationship or that you're holding onto past hurts that prevent you from moving forward. It's important to work on personal development, self-love, and risk-taking in relationships before embarking on new romantic adventures.

The Three of Wands Reversed Tarot Card Meaning in Money & Career Readings

In finance and career readings, the Three of Wands card reversed suggests that you may be facing obstacles or delays in your professional life. It could be that a new job, money-making opportunity, or business venture is not going as smoothly as anticipated. Rather than losing hope, use this time to reassess your plans and strategize for future success.

Be open to seeking advice from others, reevaluating your approach, and taking calculated risks. Remember, setbacks can provide valuable learning experiences, and hard work will eventually pay off, leading to greater opportunities and achievements in your career and business endeavors.

The Reversed Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning in Health & Wellness

Regarding health and wellness, the Three of Wands card reversed may indicate that you're feeling overwhelmed or lacking motivation. It's essential to prioritize self-care and focus on activities that support your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Ask for help from a loved one, partner or professional guidance if needed. Remember, setbacks are temporary, and with the right mindset and willingness to take risks, you can overcome any obstacles in your way to achieving a balanced, healthy life.

The Three of Wands Tarot Card: Visual Elements & Symbolism

Three of Wands Planet, Zodiac Sign, Element & Modality

The Three of Wands Planet - Sun

The Three of Wands Zodiac Sign - Aries

The Three of Wands Element - Fire

The Three of Wands Modality - Cardinal

three of wands tarot card meanings with aries, sun and fire symbols to the right.

Three of Wands Associated Crystals

Aventurine: Known as the "Stone of Opportunity," Aventurine attracts luck, abundance, and success in new ventures.

Citrine: This powerful crystal boosts self-confidence, creativity, and manifestation, helping to achieve goals and make plans.

Labradorite: A stone of transformation, Labradorite supports change, enhances intuition, and protects during travels.

Tiger's Eye: This grounding stone helps with decision-making, balancing emotions, and offers protection during journeys.

Clear Quartz: Often called the "Master Healer," Clear Quartz amplifies intentions, promotes clarity, and supports personal growth.

Malachite: A stone of transformation, Malachite facilitates emotional healing, encourages risk-taking, and supports business success.

Amazonite: This soothing crystal enhances communication, eases stress, and encourages new beginnings.

Black Tourmaline: A powerful protection stone, Black Tourmaline wards off negative energy and provides grounding during challenging transitions.

*Prices shown are in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

Symbolism in the Three of Wands Card

Long Cloak: The long cloak the man wears denotes protection, preparedness, and a sense of authority and confidence. It signifies the wisdom and experience gained from past endeavors, which provide the foundation for future success.

Three Wands: The wands symbolize ambition, creativity, and the power to manifest one's desires. They represent the energy, drive, and determination needed to achieve success and bring dreams to fruition.

Sea: The sea symbolizes the subconscious mind, intuition, and emotions. The Three of Wands represents the need to listen to one's inner voice and trust one's instincts as one navigates new ventures and opportunities.

three of wands tarot card meanings for long cloak, three wands, and sea.

Firmly Planted Wands: The planted wands indicate stability, determination, and a solid foundation to grow. They symbolize the importance of establishing a strong base and support system to achieve long-lasting success and personal growth.

Vast Open Space and Ships: The open space and ships in the background signify exploration, expansion, and new opportunities. The ships symbolize embarking on new journeys, literally and figuratively, while the open space represents the limitless potential and possibilities available to those who dare to dream big.

three of wands tarot card meanings for firmly planted wands, vast open space and vantage point.

Man at Vantage Point on Cliff Edge: The man on the cliff represents foresight, vision, and taking a proactive approach to life. He looks out over the vast expanse before him, contemplating the possibilities and opportunities ahead. This symbolizes the importance of having a clear vision and setting goals for the future.

Mountains: The mountains in the distance signify challenges and obstacles that may need to be overcome to succeed. They also represent the personal growth and development that comes from facing and conquering life's challenges.

three of wands tarot card meanings for vantage point, mountains and cardinal modality.

Questions About the Three of Wands Meaning

The Three of Wands Card as a Person or Personality

As a person or personality, the Three of Wands upright represents someone ambitious, forward-thinking, and open to new experiences. This individual always seeks ways to grow and improve through personal development, travel, or new career opportunities. They are excellent at strategizing, and their visionary mindset often leads to success.

Is it Positive, Negative, or Neutral When the Three of Wands Card Appears?

The Three of Wands card is generally considered positive when it appears in a tarot reading. It signals progress, growth, and the ability to turn plans into reality. However, depending on the context and the surrounding cards, it can also indicate potential challenges that require patience and perseverance to overcome.

The Three of Wands Card Meaning as a Yes or No

In a yes or no reading, the Three of Wands is typically interpreted as a "yes." The card suggests progress, expansion, and taking action on plans, indicating a positive outcome for the situation at hand.

The Three of Wands Tarot Card Placement: Past, Present, and Future Outcome

In the past position, the Three of Wands indicates that you have a history of taking risks and embracing new opportunities. This adventurous spirit has shaped your current situation and prepared you for future challenges.

When the Three of Wands appears in the present position, it's a sign that you are currently in a phase of growth and expansion. Embrace this energy and seize any opportunities that come your way.

In the future position, the Three of Wands suggests that you will soon embark on a new adventure, whether in your personal or professional life. Prepare for exciting opportunities and trust that your hard work will pay off.

Wishing you love & light,

Free Printable Cheat Sheet: The Three of Wands Tarot Card Description of the Minor Arcana (Rider Waite Tarot Deck)

Free Printable Three of Wands Tarot Card Cheatsheet, featuring images of both the upright and reversed Three of Wands tarot cards and the associated upright and reversed keywords for an insightful tarot reading. Learn to read tarot with this handy reference guide.

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