Amethyst Crystals – Spiritual Meaning, Healing Properties & Benefits of the Purple Stone

How to Energetically Cleanse Amethyst Stones and Jewelry


The biggest reason for needing to cleanse an amethyst crystal is to rid of any negative energy. Specifically, suppose the stone has been given as a gift and has been handled by others, according to experts. In that case, the amethyst stone will radiate an emotional response or become dull and cloudy when it is due for a cleansing.

The more often you use your amethyst stone, the more energy it will collect and absorb; therefore, it should be cleaned at least once a month. However, regular cleansing may be necessary to preserve your stones' healing properties if they are regularly subjected to negative energies.


A chunk of amethyst amethyst on a while background with a shadow

Running Water as an Amethyst Stone Cleansing Method

The use of water is one of the best ways to clean and cleanse Amethyst and promote its healing properties. Running water removes negative energy by returning the stone to the Earth's natural environment. A natural running body of water, such as a stream, is best; bottled spring water is the next best alternative for those unable to access natural running water regularly. When cleansing Amethyst with running water, it is ideal for immersing the stone for 1 minute.


Brown Rice as an Amethyst Stone Cleansing Method

For a simpler alternative you can cleanse your amethyst crystal by burying your stone deep beneath the grains of brown rice. The ideal period of time to submerge your stone is for 24 hours at a time. The brown rice will naturally absorb the negative energy and therefore it is important to discard it directly after use.


Natural Light as an Amethyst Stone Cleansing Method

A fundamental method of cleansing your stone is the use of natural light. Place your Amethyst directly onto the surface of the Earth in a safe location. It is best to set it outside before nightfall and bring it back inside before 11:00 am. It will allow the best cleansing powers offered by the moon and natural sunlight. Afterward, rinse your crystal with running water to remove any dirt once you take it in. Remember to bring your crystal back before temperatures rise, as hot temperatures can damage the stone.


a bundle of sage in an abalone shell with chunks of rose quartz and amethyst around it.

Sage as an Amethyst Stone Cleansing Method

Sage is another enormously effective method of cleansing your amethyst crystal. Sage is regarded as sacred and has a multitude of healing properties. To use this method, you must burn sage in a fire-safe bowl. Be sure only to perform this method of cleansing near an open window. Allowing the smoke of the sage to envelop your crystal for at least 30 seconds will ensure it is well-cleansed and maintains its spiritual healing properties.



How to Care for your Amethyst Crystals


Many are drawn to Amethyst as they are an excellent source of natural healing energy. While some choose to wear amethyst crystals as jewelry, such as an amethyst ring or necklace, proper cleaning and storage are essential to prevent scratching and other damage so the user may enjoy it for many years.


a purple blue amethyst chunk on a white background

Amethyst Storage Information

Amethyst rates a 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, determining the gem or mineral's hardness. This rating indicates that an amethyst crystal has good toughness and is suitable for all jewelry types. Regarding stability, abrupt temperature changes can cause Amethyst to fracture. Additionally, the deep purple color of some amethyst stones can fade with prolonged exposure to intense light. Amethyst is best kept in a place with constant temperature and out of direct sunlight. Hydrofluoric acid, alkaline solutions, and ammonium fluoride can also damage Natural Amethyst.


Cleaning Amethyst

Amethyst stones can be safely cleaned with warm soapy water. Alternatively, ultrasonic cleaners are machines that use high-frequency sound waves transmitted through a liquid to clean the surface of the immersed items. Ultrasonic cleaners are usually safe for amethyst stones except under rare circumstances where a stone is dyed. Steam cleaning is not recommended since, as discussed earlier, Amethyst should not be subjected to heat.


amethyst chunk in a beautiful shade of purple

Do Amethysts Fade?

The amethyst color may fade as soon as they are exposed to the sun or in direct sunlight. In addition, if stones are left exposed to heat for a prolonged amount, the purple color will fade over time. When you clean the Amethyst crystal, it will last a long time. The color may fade if improperly protected against harmful factors such as water exposure or sunlight.


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