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Hello! My name is Victoria and I am a Canadian spirituality teacher and tarot reader. As of 2022, I have been reading tarot for a little over 11 years! It's funny looking back on my life to see that my grandmother, who was a very talented psychic medium herself, told me that this is what I would end up doing for a living! Never in a million years did I think that would come true and now I see it was meant to be, lol!

In my early 20's, I had met my spiritual teacher who had taken me under her wing to show me the way. It's truly been a blessing being able to work with others and within a short time, see them come back to life when they begin remembering their own history! It brings tears to my eyes thinking about it! When my spiritual teacher passed away in 2021, I decided to make teaching spirituality my career so I could pass along all of the beautiful wisdom she shared with me over the years, as well as what I had learned, and continue to learn, over the years! Its been a wild ride since then!

Currently, most of my time is spend doing talks all over the world in helping others on their spiritual, business & sobriety journeys! It's an absolute joy and I'm so thankful for how everything has been coming along :) Ive learned to become compassionate towards all those huge feats in life that require us to become more resilient than we've ever had to before.  My passion is helping others realize their unlimited potential and their ability to make it through anything; the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Let's do it together! 

Our Mission

We like to think of Light of Twelve as where the new age meets old-world, where ancient wisdom meets modern trends, and where you can connect with your power and sense of individuality. While values around inner peace and well-being are important to us, having fun is an integral part of our spiritual journey. So we want to create a place where you can feel good about yourself while having a great time! Light of Twelve also understands that the world around us is constantly changing. There's no point in clinging to a particular set of beliefs if they don't work for you anymore; instead, we encourage people to evolve and grow as individuals by asking themselves what works best for them at any given time. We believe that every person is born with a divine spark within them, and it's up to us to find ways to bring that out and share it with the world. We also believe in the power of magic, which can be defined as understanding how thought creates reality. Using our minds purposefully, we can manifest anything we want into being.

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My Views on Tarot Card Readings

The history of using tarot cards as divination tools spans several centuries. As others begin to awaken, many feel called to see how tarot can help them along their awakening journeys! During my spiritual awakening, I became aware of the cause-and-effect game we tend to become a part of when we notice that reason and understanding have limited outcomes. I lovingly call this the game of spiritual wack-a-mole, lol. With time, I realized that our realities are directly affected by whether we play the action character in our lives or if we are one with all. We see this in quantum physics, where when there is no observer - a single neutron can be in two places at one time; at that point, anything is possible. Once there is an observer, its fate is decided.

When applying that to our day-to-day, I see the "egoic state" as the side of ourselves that actively participates in the 3D world playing the "action character." It looks a lot like: "I want this," "I need this," or "I'm worried about this" - anything that requires taking action within the physical environment to gain from the physical environment. Within this state, we are limited to what is available to us as it can only take from what is already there instead of creating something new. We will continue to face friction within our environment when we are still looking for a way forward. On the other end of the spectrum, there is "god-consciousness." In this state, there is no more scarcity, fear, self-righteous anger, guilt, shame, sadness, etc. - everything is. We recognize that every word, thought, writing, or number we express can make it appear in our reality.

You may be asking why, when I ask the spirit for guidance, chaos appears all at once. Why? That doesn't sound fun, right? Wellllllllll in the short term. When we genuinely need love, new pathways open up on the god-conscious spectrum. Our external need to take from the environment begins to dissolve, so we stop creating the energy for what was draining us, to begin with. Whatever situation that may be, then exerts more effort to try and get us to continue giving it time, attention, or more recognition so that it can continue existing in our lives. When we're able to become the true "oneness" of all, negativity dissolves, that situation disappears, and the new paths are then embraced. We can see that everything is seen as a direct reflection of us and the experience we are creating at all times. We always have the option to hop back on the egoic plane if we want to, but once we step into our true spiritual nature, why would we?

Acceptance, peace, and joy are abundant when we embrace how powerful we are. Now, does tarot reading have anything to do with this? Tarot cards are an excellent tool to help us see where the egoic state of being controls our lives. Tarot can help us see where we spend too much time trying to understand or reason with our environment rather than practicing acceptance and "next right action." They help us become observers of the mind/body so that we can see that Karma is simply a cause and effect of the egoic state of being and become free of it.

Ultimately, we recognize that the spirit within, god-consciousness, the "I am," "the matrix," or many of its other names, was us all along - it never left. We cannot find it in our external environment as it's the things showing themselves to us as the real "us" during our day-to-day. We must be willing to say yes to the next right action so it can do its thing and clear everything stopping us from entering our next chapter. We go from seeing no options to realizing that possibilities are truly endless. We can have clarity of the oneness - seeing that we're spiritual being having a human experience and that we are one with everything and everyone.

Separation is merely an illusion. A friend once said, "the world is already healed; we're just watching the healing play out." Words have never spoken so much truth to me. When we heal from within, we heal all outside of us. It starts with us and ends with a reflection of us - the one all and be all as the mighty spiritual being within. As your tarot reader, I am here to help you navigate through these changes and help you achieve a deeper state of peace within your world-changing the vibration of the world, one day at a time.

Tarot Card Meanings

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You are the universe. The world around you is made of your thought. The faster and stronger you can get those thoughts to travel, the more powerful and meaningful your life will be. We encourage everyone to find what works for them at any point in their journey. Our lives are built on so many premises which we accept unquestioningly. We are taught to stick a particular set of labels on ourselves, and then we spend the rest of our lives trying to fit perfectly into that box. We're told that love and romance are all about finding THE ONE, and our lives will be complete once we see that person. We're taught that the only way to be successful is to work hard and earn a lot of money. We think that our bodies should look like the ones on T.V. and in magazines—if they don't, then something must be wrong with us. These are just a few examples of the many, many limiting beliefs that we have. And they're not just harmless things that we believe because they make us feel good; they genuinely affect our lives. When we believe something is impossible, then it becomes impossible. When we think there are only specific ways to be happy, those ways will become our reality. It is why it's so important to take a step back and look at your beliefs about yourself, other people, the world around you, and even the universe. When we know our limiting beliefs and how they affect us, we can work on changing them into something better.

My Views on Spirituality & Esoteric Teachings

For as long as I can remember, I recognized the knowing that comes to us outside our physical bodies. We are everything and everyone, and there is no need to seek anything as everything in our reality is made by us, for us, in an interactive "game" of sorts. This "game" knows no time, as everything is happening simultaneously. Since there is no separation, details among that spectrum appear to show a cause and effect based on our level of mindfulness. This field of study keeps appearing when knowledge is transferred to me from channeled Source Energy. Whether the information comes as a clue as to know how math works within our reality or how our emotional state reveals a preprogrammed script of the physical realm, all information that is ever needed is available at all times until the egoic form has prescribed one of said programmed scripts. New information and creation do not begin to exist until other co-creators among the spiritual state interact, with that point being once we embrace the higher vibrations that dissolve the opposite polarity within our "interactable" reality.

The last several months, in particular, have been fascinating. The information revealed has shown a 6+ dimensional view of how the physical mind/body functions along an interactive preprogrammed spectrum of the egoic state's potential outcomes in the physical realm. Not only are the ego states outcomes predictable, but I have also been shown how they associate with numbers, pre-written "scripts," dynamic programming, theological lore, etc.

Recently, I was called to begin a physical design of what "life" from the egoic perspective looks like and where each outcome ultimately concludes. The egoic system within cannot create as it can only deconstruct what is available on the physical that was effectively created by our oneness. With that, I have been called to teach recognition of the bondage of the self that reveals the nature of the spiritual self having a human experience. Since everything is a polarity, the glory of the spiritual state comes from the transmutation of the egoic physical/spiritual perspective that appears amongst spiritual indemnification. The best practice I have found in life is to recognize the "unknowing" and that "I don't know" is the greatest gift to releasing the illusion of the physical be-all. The truths to everything we need to create forward movement are given as it's needed.

To guide others along their spiritual journey, I share knowledge that I have gained of the esoteric teachings and how they relate to the egoic state of being so that others may have access to knowledge of the spiritual being within. Among our esoteric library, we discuss all sorts of theological lore and how we can harness the energy of these lessons to recognize the "I AM" within. From tarot card reading to astrology, numerology, crystal healing, meditation, lore, and more, we're here give you one platform where you can find it all! And as a bonus, we sell some pretty crystals, haha.

To whoever has read this, I would like to thank you for your time. I wish you the most beautiful day, no matter what that day entails. Loss is but an illusion; we only ever have love to gain as a result.

Wishing you love & light,

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✨In Memory of Beverly; 1955-2021; my beloved spiritual advisor, mentor, and best friend✨