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Green Fluorite Crystal Specimens - Light Of Twelve

Green Fluorite Crystal Specimens

1.027,00 NOK – 1.886,00 NOK
Green Fluorite is a stone of mental clarity and understanding. Green fluorite is also a stone of protection. It clears toxins and purifies the body, helping to maintain physical balance...
Septarian Geode Sphere - Light Of Twelve

Septarian Geode Sphere

5.752,00 NOK
Septarian Geode Eggs are thought to improve energy flow in chakras and meridians and help you feel more connected to the Earth. The egg can be used as a crystal...
Septarian Geode Egg - Light Of Twelve

Septarian Geode Egg

7.239,00 NOK
Septarian is said to provide the power of transformation, creating a physical and spiritual cleansing. It can also help you find balance in life and act as a natural shield...
Apophyllite & Orange Zeolite Crystals - Light Of Twelve

Apophyllite & Orange Zeolite Crystals

2.955,00 NOK – 9.743,00 NOK
Here you'll find a variety of both Apophyllite & Orange Zeolite pieces. These crystals have been carefully selected based on their size, color, and clarity to give you the most...
Limonite Specimens - Light Of Twelve

Limonite Specimens

378,00 NOK – 451,00 NOK
Display this beautiful Limonite Specimen and show the world that you are a person of incredible strength, confidence, and power! This stone will enhance your spiritual nature to be more...
Vera Cruz Amethyst Crystals - Light Of Twelve

Vera Cruz Amethyst Crystals

797,00 NOK – 870,00 NOK
Amethyst is a super trendy crystal! It is said to help reduce stress, guilt, and anger. People prone to nightmares may find their sleep improves if they add some Amethyst...
Orange Zeolite Specimen - Light Of Twelve

Orange Zeolite Specimen

15.264,00 NOK
This large specimen beautifully shows the dark orange crystals typical of many zeolites. It also has spiritual properties relating to peace, harmony, and balance. This beautiful specimen has been hand-selected...
Clear Quartz Specimens - Light Of Twelve

Clear Quartz Specimens

1.509,00 NOK
Clear Quartz specimens are great for heightened psychic abilities and manifestation. They can help you move forward, create positive energy, and easily change your environment. These beautiful crystals have an...
Green Fluorite Specimens - Light Of Twelve

Green Fluorite Specimens

3.018,00 NOK – 4.914,00 NOK
Green Fluorite is an excellent crystal for facilitating change in your life. It is also believed to be a profound source of peace and will bring harmony to any situation...
Yellow Barite Mineral - Light Of Twelve

Yellow Barite Mineral

9.785,00 NOK
This beautiful brown and yellow specimen has spiritual properties that can help with creativity and confidence. It is said to bring forth the magic of enchantment, allowing one to connect...
Barite Mineral Specimen - Light Of Twelve

Barite Mineral Specimen

9.911,00 NOK
This barite mineral piece is a beautiful gift for anyone who loves crystals. It has ancient spiritual properties and can be used to heal the body. Barite is an excellent...
Raw Prasiolite Chunks (1kg) - Light Of Twelve

Raw Prasiolite Chunks (1kg)

1.593,00 NOK
Prasiolite, also known as Green Amethyst or Green Siberian Quartz, is one of the best stones for spiritual healing. It promotes calmness, creativity, and confidence in all levels of your...
Apophyllite & Zeolite Specimen - Light Of Twelve

Apophyllite & Zeolite Specimen

5.678,00 NOK
Whether you're a collector or new to minerals, these Apophyllite Specimens are the perfect addition to your collection! They have many applications in Feng Shui and are also helpful for...
Pyrite in Matrix Specimen - Light Of Twelve

Pyrite in Matrix Specimen

566,00 NOK – 807,00 NOK
This Pyrite in Matrix Specimen is a beautiful, rare specimen said to be connected to the element of fire. Its properties include purification and decisiveness. Pyrite creates balance by bringing...
Green Fluorite Specimens - Light Of Twelve

Green Fluorite Specimens

1.079,00 NOK – 1.876,00 NOK
Green Fluorite is a stone of transformation and change, perfect for healing and cleansing. The beautiful green color of green fluorite represents renewal, prosperity, and harmony. It connects to the...
Epidote Specimens - Light Of Twelve

Epidote Specimens

629,00 NOK – 3.583,00 NOK
With its bright green appearance, Epidote is a beautiful mineral specimen with strong metaphysical properties. It helps to bring spiritual and intuitive insights, strengthens the mind, and enhances creativity. Epidote...
Hydrozincite Specimens - Light Of Twelve

Hydrozincite Specimens

325,00 NOK – 1.781,00 NOK
Hydrozincite is a rare and powerful type of zinc carbonate hydroxide mineral. It has incredible energy of self-love and healing but also melds together forces of light and dark. The stone...
Hydrozincite Specimens - Light Of Twelve

Hydrozincite Specimens

2.431,00 NOK – 4.725,00 NOK
Hydrozincite Specimens represent protection and clearing negativity away from your space. As for the metaphysical properties of Hydrozincite, they are said to include the following: Healing and soothing emotions. Grounding....
Ethereal Selenite Lamp - Radiant Glow for Tranquility & Spiritual Connection - Light Of Twelve

Ethereal Selenite Lamp - Radiant Glow for Tranquility & Spiritual Connection

472,00 NOK
Illuminate your space with the ethereal glow of our Selenite Lamps at Light of Twelve. Selenite, known for its powerful cleansing and healing properties, creates an enchanting ambiance in any...
Crystal Candle Holders - Illuminate Your Space with Radiant Energy & Mesmerizing Beauty - Light Of Twelve

Crystal Candle Holders - Illuminate Your Space with Radiant Energy & Mesmerizing Beauty

755,00 NOK
Light up your home with the enchanting glow of our Crystal Candle Holders at Light of Twelve. These exquisite candle holders are handcrafted from high-quality crystals, including Clear Quartz, Labradorite,...