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TikTok Live Tarot Readings

Are you looking for a quick and easy tarot card reading? Look no further than @lightoftwelve 's TikTok live sessions! Enjoy live readings with real people, right from your phone!...

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Color: One Question

One Question
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Are you looking for a quick and easy tarot card reading? Look no further than @lightoftwelve 's TikTok live sessions! Enjoy live readings with real people, right from your phone!

You've come to the right place if you are interested in a fast and accurate tarot card reading! I am a professional tarot reader who has been reading for over 11 years and absolutely loves it!

Tarot is a beautiful tool that can be used for healing and guidance in life and is an excellent way of communicating with your higher self and the Divine.

When I do a reading with you, I use a mixture of spiritual channeling, intuitive reading & the use of traditional tarot card meanings to give you an accurate, well-thought-out answer to your question.

Our TikTok live sessions are best served for simple, straightforward, uncomplicated questions! If you have multiple questions or have a complicated question, please book one of our other tarot readings, such as our pre-recorded emailed readings, or book a private one-on-one videoconference!

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